Peeta~Train Talk

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I regret volunteering for that girl. I don't even know who that Primrose was. I probably never will. I volunteered for the young girl. If I didn't she would have for sure died. Young kids don't make it out of the games. 

Although, people from district 12 don't make it out either. Haymitch was the first and probably the last. 

I was so shocked when Peeta Mellark was called after I volunteered. The boy I've always loved, I doubt he knew my name until a couple hours ago. Now, he sits one room away on the train. 

My eyes are glued to the ceiling. No way I can sleep, all I can think of is the games that come in a few days. I decide to wonder the train since I won't get any sleep anyway. As soon as my train door slides open, I am met with a fist. 

"Oh my gosh, (Y/N) I am so sorry! I was about to knock on the door and then you, I am so sorry" Peeta rambles. 

"Peeta, it's fine. I'm fine" I laugh, my cheek slightly stings. 

"Wait, why were you about to knock?" I ask. 

"Well I couldn't fall asleep and I figured you might be awake too" Peeta scratches the back of his neck and looks down. 

"Yeah, I can't seem to keep my eyes closed. I was just going to wonder the train. Wanna join me?" I ask, hopefully he will say yes and we can finally talk.

"I'd love to" 

Peeta lets me lead the way, since it was my idea to explore, I head towards the back of the train. 

After a few minutes, we are at the back of the train. I sit down in the last compartment, it's surrounded by a long couch. I go and sit towards the back, Peeta follows and sits there too.

"So tell me about yourself, I wanna know about my partner from twelve" Peeta smiles.

"Well, i dont have any siblings, my mother teaches sixth grade, and I lost my dad a while ago" I look down.

"Ohh (Y/N) I'm so sorry" Peeta cries, he pulls me into a hug.

"It's okay, I don't really remember him" I hug him back. 

"I do remember your mom though, she was the best teacher" Peeta laughs.

"Well of course she liked you! You were like a star student!" I laugh back. 

After we continue talking for a while, Peeta asks a random question. 

"What's your favorite color?" He asks with a smile. 

"Blue, like the soft blue that comes right after the orange sunset" I smile thinking of the color I saw so often. 

Peeta begins to laugh at what I have to say.


"It's just that my favorite color is the soft orange that comes right before blue in a sunset." Peeta and I both seem shocked at our similar colors. 

We continue talking and laughing until I notice the sun is beginning to rise. 

"So why did you volunteer for that girl yesterday?" Peeta asks, our lighthearted conversation comes to a halt. 

"Well, it was my last year. I survived without getting picked, without the trauma, without the death. No matter what happened in the games, she would be scarred or dead. She's too young for that, so I decided that no one was going to volunteer for her, I would." 

"Wow, (Y/N) you're so brave" Peeta breathes out with a smile. 

"Yeah, if I were so brave, I would've kissed you by now" I mumble, hoping he wouldn't hear it and also hoping he would.

"What?" Peeta asks, obviously he heard me. 

Well you only live life once might as well live it.

I lean forward and press my lips against his. His lips are warm and inviting. After being shocked, Peeta realizes what's happening and begins to kiss back. This only makes the kiss so much better. Peeta's tongue is pressed against my lips asking for entrance. I open my mouth to his only to moan into the kiss, which he does too. Eventually, I pull away from Peeta's wonderful lips. 

"I think you heard me" I smirk and walk out of the compartment, gaining confidence I didn't know I had. I left Peeta stunned and wanting more. This should make for an interesting day.

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