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Pen Your Pride

Diamonds:A girl's best friends.

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11:45pm,Kay Diamond jewellery store. 

"Squeeeeeak!"a thin sound came from the compass like object that was being used to cut out the glass case by a tall,dark and masked figure. 

He put down the object and slightly put pressure on the scratched glass piece.The glass cut out popped loose and the man put it down 

carefully.Then he pulled up a red velvet bag and began to put in the the beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace in white gold features square sapphhire stone surrounded by diamonds. 

Then he moved onto the next case that held a dazzling Ruby necklace also surrounded by diamonds. 

Behind the man another dark figure worked away at the glass case infront of him.He removed the glass cut out in the same manner and gingerly placed the topaz,diamond encrusted white gold ear ring pair into his black bag.Then he too moved onto another case that held another pair of dazzling diamond ear rings. 

There was another dark figure standing at the door that checked his watch every now and then.These men were stealing jewellery from the elite jewellery store in the posh suburbs of Kensington. 

"Mmm hmm"a security guard who had been tied up and gagged behind the counter watched all three of them closely probably so he could provide the cops with a description.He saw the hair of the figure standing at the door.He had golden yellow hair that peeked out from his black mask.The spider tattoo on the wrist was pretty conspicuous too.The guard took in all the distinctive features of the man. 

He was well built,probably worked out in the gym since he seemed to have an athletic body,well toned and muscled.Probably a football player. 

They were very stupid though,these men.They hadn't thought of the security cameras that were recording their every move.These guys will be caught in no time.He day dreamed of how he would be given a bonus and award for his service in catching these thieves. 

"They were pretty stupid,"the guard thought he would say at the press conference."They had no idea that such top notch shops have security cameras that video tape their every move." 

The guard grinned to himself at the thought and the the man standing by the door pointed towards his watch while looking at the others.They stopped stealing jewellery and left behind the look out guy. 

"Bunch of idiots,"the guard thought."They'll get picked up and thrown in jail within hours because of their sloppy work.And here they are walking away thinking they can get away with 400,000 dollars worth of jewellery.Amatuers!" 


12:10am,Wheels Auto shop,one block away from Kay's diamond jewellery store. 

The three men walked into the garage like shop and headed straight for the washrooms.The garage had twenty four hour service and the workers were too busy watching the football match between Chelsea and Man United to pay any attention to the men walking in to the washrooms marked "Ladies Only". 

The washroom had no lights on but the men didn't seem too bothered by it.Slight shuffling noises of clothes being taken off was heard. 

Then a minute later,"Click!"the light turned on revealing three,19 year old girls standing in their undergarments,inplace of the men who had entered the washroom. 

The tallest of them,with strawberry red hair and hazel green eyes that sparkled in the dim light of the 200 wattbulb,had turned on the light. 

Another girl moved and bent down to retrieve something from beneath the sink.It was a big blue school bag with the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants on it that said,"I love going to school!" 

The girl with curly golden brown hair,unzipped the bag and pulled out clothes,mostly consisting of shirts and skirts and converses all 

differently coloured. 

They all dressed quickly and then proceeded to fill the bag with items that lay in a pile on the floor; three wigs,eyebrows,lenses, spider tattoo stickers,safety shoulder and thigh padding(worn by football players),black shirts,levi's,jackets and masks. 

When everything was put away in the bag the girls left the washroom, unnoticed by the men cheering loudly infront 

of the television. 

The third girl,who had jet black hair with slight tinges of blue at the ends,stopped by the trash can outside the shop while the other two got into the midnight black Porsche Cayman parked a few feet away. 

The girl holding the bag,pulled out two small testtubes from the side pocket of the bag and mixed them together.Then she put it inside the bag,zipped it and threw into the trash can.She walked over to the car,got in and the car sped away with 400,000 dollars worth of jewellery. 

"Bang!"a mind numbing explosion occured seconds later,blowing the trash can and it's contents into smithereens as the work men from the autoshop came out to see the fire that had erupted from the mixture of deadly chemicals,fade away and leave no trace of what had caused the explosion.... 


(A/N:Thank you for reading.Could you please help me out with something?I want to know if anyone on wattpad has a similar story like this before I upload more because I don't want to form a story based on the idea that someone worked hard to come up with. 

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