Chapter One Hundred Twenty Six

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Anora watched her future mother-in-law pace back and forth as Molly was in complete hysterics. She seemed happy and furious at the same time. Anora found through her life that she wasn't afraid of a lot of things, but she was sure scared as hell of Molly Weasley when the woman was angry.

"To not tell us that you were even dating and to find out you two were engaged!" Molly ranted as she walked left, Anora's eyes following her.

"But you two are going to get married!" she clapped her hands together happily as she walked right.

Anora covered her face before hearing the tapping of Tonks' foot. She glanced up to see her dear friend looking at her with a mighty powerful glare that only could be produced by Tonks.

"Please stop looking at us like that." Anora groaned.

"I'm your best friend and you couldn't even mention any of this in a letter?!" Tonks exclaimed.

"Letter seems a bit informal, don't you think?" Charlie said sheepishly.

"Informal...I didn't know you two were even dating! How long have you two been dating?"

Anora avoided all eye contact while Charlie became all too fascinated with a thread on the sofa.

"It's been that long?!"

Anora buried her face into Charlie's arm to avoid anymore of Tonks' wrath.

"Look Tonks, we're sorry alright, we wanted to tell everyone but...well..." Charlie fumbled with his words.

"But what?!"

"We didn't want everyone to overreact." Charlie admitted.

"Nor did we want to hear the I-told-you-so's because we knew those were coming." Anora added.

"That's because I did tell you so. I told the both of you so! I could kill you two..I really could, like right here right now."

"If you kill us how will we ever invite you to the wedding?" Charlie said quickly.

"Yes, how are you going to be my maid of honor?" Anora told the fuming woman.

Tonks' expression softened slightly. "Me? You want me to be your maid of honor?"

"Well of course, who did you think I was going to ask? Iggy?"

"It would be easier to get him in a dress than Tonks." Charlie muttered before Tonks knocked him on the back of his head.

"Thank you Tonks, dear, you saved me from having to do it." Molly said as she walked over to them along with Arthur.

Charlie glanced down refusing to meet his parents' gaze knowing they were still upset.

Anora dared to look up at them as she stood up as well.

"We're sorry from keeping it from everyone." Anora said rubbing her palms together. "I suppose it's really all my fault really. Charlie wanted to say something on numerous occasions but I was just unsure of how everyone was going to react to it. That and we weren't exactly sure how the relationship was going to pan out really. Everyone was so certain that we would work well as a couple because we were friends for so long, but I wasn't sure that was the case. I didn't know if we were meant to be more or just be really great friends. So before we said anything to anyone we wanted to make sure that it was right for us and then after that time just seemed to slip away and we realized how long it had been. Again, we're sorry."

Molly let out a small choking sob before pulling Anora into a bear hug holding onto her. "It's okay, dear.  All is forgiven. I am so happy for you two! Don't take my shock as being upset!"

Charlie shook his head knowing all too well that Anora had carefully but skillfully turned everyone's attitude around without them even realizing it.

She turned to him after Molly released her and winked at him.

"You haven't been in this room for a couple of years now and yet...there is still clothes all over the floor." Anora said as she tripped over an old pair of Charlie's jeans.

"I'm telling you I can find everything in this room just the way it is. The moment I cleaned it...couldn't find anything." Charlie said pulling her up to her feet.

"Merlin.." Anora gasped suddenly.

Charlie glanced around wondering what had caused the reaction.


"I just saw how I was going to die...I'm going to end up tripping over something you left on the floor and you won't even realize it, because there will be all this rubbish over my body. By the time you find me, I will be a skeleton."

"Okay, now you're just being dramatic! It's not that messy in here!"

"Yes it is!" Molly's voice called out as she passed the room.

"See? I win Charles."Anora said before sticking her tongue out at him.

"Watch it Forney. That got you into trouble last time."

Roscoe let out a loud groan and several moments later when someone didn't address him he did it again. No one came again and now he was irritated, he knew that Anora and Charlie were gone from the sanctuary, he had witnessed their departure, but had hoped that someone would be there to tend to his needs when he wanted.

He went to let out another call into the air when his backside was hit sharply. He growled and whipped his head around to see Norberta settle beside him.

She didn't seem to be in the best of moods but then again he couldn't remember many times where the female dragon was ever in a good mood.

She placed her head near his and closed her eyes, some smoke trailing from her nostrils as she relaxed.

Roscoe opened his mouth but as soon as he did, Norberta's eye darter open glaring at him. He slowly closed it and lowered his head to the ground letting out a low growl.

One of the workers arrived shortly after with a bucket of meat for the two, but stopped as he found the two asleep. He slowly lowered the bucket and backed away quietly.

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