Personal Assistant {15}

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I placed the mail on his desk and walked down to get ready to fire the chef. The smells of garlic, and onions wafted into my nose. I have never been to the Building Cafe but it must be delicious.

Stepping into the kitchen all the noise showed me that I had to be loud.

"Where is Chef Randy!?"

"I'm right here" stepping out from the back a middle aged chocolate skinned man greeted me with a smile on his face.

Opening the door for me we both stepped out and Randy wiped his hands on his apron before looking at me with his kind dark brown eyes. Just from how genuine he seemed I knew this would be hard.

"It's okay you don't have to give me the speech I already know. I will go pack up my stuff now."

Sighing in relief I was glad to know that I wouldn't have to be rude to anyone. Chef Randy walked into another room and after twenty minutes of looking at the cooks I decided to pick the pale man in the front to be the Temporary chef.

Quickly explaining to him the situation I went to the main lobby to ask Sophie how I was supposed to find a new chef. After explaining the process to me I walked to Filing room and found the cabinet that was filled with people who applied but never made it. After I narrowed my search down to ten people I called them using the Company phone and found that only five people were still looking for a job.

Satisfied with the work that I have done, I had a smile on my face when I walked back into Mr McKinley's office. He was sitting down as usual and looking at his laptop.

"Here you go sir. These are the files of each person who is qualified for the Chef position. I went ahead and called them to make sure that they would be available at a given notice. Would you like a summary of each person?"

Surprised, Mr McKinley responded back, "No no. This will do Ms Suren."

Smiling at him I ignored the look in his face and walked out of the room. Checking the time I saw that I was ten minutes late to meet with Sophie.

When I made it to the lobby I walked my way over to Sophie.

"Hey Sophie. Mr McKinley told me to come to you"

"Oh yes. Here follow me." she said as she got of her chair and led me to the elevator. "Mr McKinley usually doesn't do this. In fact I have never seen him done this before."

"Do what?"

"Nope I was told to not tell you anything till we arrived."

The elevator took us to the fifth and last floor. This is where Mr McKinley office was located. Sophie chatted about how her dog ate a sandwich. My mind was not focused on her and was instead focused on how Sophie was taking me directly to Mr McKinley's office.

We stopped in front of Mr McKinley office, but we were looking at the door a couple of feet next to it. It that had the words PERSONAL ASSISTANT on it. I was confused till Sophie opened the door

Judging by Sophie's gasp I wasn't the only one surprised by the office space that greeted us. This office was almost as big as Mr McKinley's. There was one couch in the far corner of the room. And in front of it was a TV that hung on the wall. Right in the center stood a desk and a big office chair next to it. Looking closer I noticed a laptop, and a box on top of the desk. On the other side of the room was two doors. In front of those two doors was a fridge and a couple of bean bag chairs in front of it.

"Wow. I mean" clearing her throat Sophie continued, "Welcome to your new office"

"Wait this is mine? It can't be" I said in disbelief

"I'm pretty sure it is. Mr McKinley told me to take you to the Personal Assistant office because you are his Personal Assistant." she stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Wow this is unbelievable"

"Yeah I'm surprised too. I have been here for three years and the office has never looked this good."

"So it was renovated?" If everything in here is new then I better be extra careful that I don't damage anything

"Yeah but it's weird because I would know if the office was getting renovated. I think Mr McKinley had one of his friends renovate it."

"Was there something wrong with the other office."

"Nope it was in good condition. Geez Mr McKinley never goes out of his way like that for me", she said with a hint of jealousy in her voice. At least Mr McKinley likes her," Well I gotta go. You have fun with this new space."

The box on the table opened up to be a sleek new Iphone. Sitting on my swivel office chair I noticed an envelope on the table. The computer typed words read:
Ms Suren,
I am assuming you like the office. I hope that it fits all your needs. There's a laptop on the desk and I need you to save my contacts into it. Then do the same to your company phone. The white box on the table is an Iphone. Don't think too much of it. Just accept it. It would ease my worries if I knew that I could reach you through a device capable of doing more than accepting calls. Its also for email purposes. Be in my office by 10:30.
McKinley, Ian

I laid the note on the desk already knowing that I wasn't going to accept the phone. It was too extravagant. Those Iphones were expensive and fragile.

Looking through the envelope I saw another paper fall out with the contact names on them that I had to save into the laptop and company landline phone.

The laptop also looked expensive and if it wasn't for the fact that I would need it, I wouldn't have accepted it either. The symbol on the silver laptop matched the apple that was on the Iphone. They were probably from the same company.

Opening up the laptop I saw my $20 bill with a sticky note taped onto it, laying on the keyboard. The handwritten words surprised me

'I always pay when we go out.'

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