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I was hiding behind the pillar to get a one glimps of that person...for whom I am here...for whom I have bunked my colg...for whom I have lied to my parents that today I am gonna come late bcoz extra classes are going on....but as you know the disadvantage of being a fan that you have to wait for the star to come and show some mercy on you and give autographs to you...well thats not gonna happen I know...but still....there was hope which got crushed when I saw the huge crowd of girls cheering for him...."god these girls dont have any work ?...well you are also here so that means you also dont have any work" I thought....but now its sure that am not getting any autograph from him...but

as it was impossible to talk to him or to get autograph from him between the whole I have done something different....I fooled security guards some how and managed to come and hide here behind the pillar where I can hide from the guards easily and when he will go back in his room he will pass from here so then I can talk to him as well....and I will just ask for a autograph from him ....god why this is so difficult mahn

Well its not the time but hey I am nandini dont know me?...yeah thats right because I am not famous I am here for a fan meet of a singing cabir dhawan but as you know there is no way these girls are going to leave him in single peice if he comes to give autograph to an every single person.....and I have already seen the thats why I have choosen this way to talk to him

I was busy in hiding and peeking from behind the pillar when I heard someone coughing behind me to get my attention

"Mar gayi nandu...." this only I can utter

"Listen I know....I am not allowed here....but plz I want just one autograph or a video or atleast a selfie with him....If I will go without any of these....then my frndz wont forgive me....infact they will kill me....aur me abhi marna nahi chahti....meri to shadi bhi nahi hui hai abhi tak" I said without turning and after my blabbering I turn and found him....No no he was not cabir he was

He was manik malhotra best frnd of cabir

He was staring at me with disbelief

"Thats why I told you to keep ur mouth shut nandu.....every time comedy sahi nahi hoti....ab now no one can save you...." I self talked while he was busy staring at me

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So hey as I said I am planning a new story so here is the prologue
Ok so if I will get good response then only I will continue 😊😊😊
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