We are Less

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He grabbed us by the back of our hair. With his other hand he gripped our chin, squeezing it with his bony fingers until our teeth dug against the inner lining of our cheeks. Completely in control, he forced us to turn our head.

"Do you see them?"  He whispered in our ear.  His voice was gravel.  His breath was hot and smelled of garlic.

"Yes." We mouthed the response, the actual words getting stuck somewhere deep in our throat.  

From our vantage point in the shadows, amid the briars and bramble, we watched the two.  They sat in the clearing on a little bench.  Their faces dancing from the moonlight shining through the branches of the trees, they stared into each others eyes.

"Do you see how she looks at him?"  Masters voice was back in our ear.


"Do you see the sparkle in her eyes?  The way she looks at him?  With total love, and total devotion?  As though he were the only person in the world?"


Master jerked our head around to look us in the eye.  He put his forehead on ours.  "Nobody," he said, "Nobody will ever look at you  like that."

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