(Edited) Chapter 20

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Chapter Twenty


I can literally smell the booze, and the loud bass beats are making my heart pound really hard against my chest. Eric's house (if it can even be called a house, it's too big) is almost completely filled with teenagers. They keep moving from one place to another, talking obnoxiously on the top of their voice. The garden area is decorated with pretty fairy lights. People are sprawled across the lawn—drinking, and dancing. I don't know why, but this party seems like one of those crazy parties that get out of hand—a wild party.

"Here, a little something to lighten you up," Sharon says, passing me what looked like a liquor flask.

"Where did you get that?!" I exclaim.

"I smuggled it from home, duh! Now drink it up."

I shake my head, refusing. "No way, I'm not drinking that," I refuse firmly. Sharon tries to coax me, but I refuse.

Giving up, they both turn around and head inside. I sigh as I follow my friends. The music is almost ten times louder here, my ears hurt. It takes a while for me to adjust to the loud music. The music is almost making the room vibrate; the beats are jumping off the walls crashing into each other. God, I'll probably go deaf before the night ends.

"Okay girls, there's not much talking we'll be able to do. But tonight, I want us to dance till our feet hurt, forget all our problems, and live while we're young!" Susan shouts over the music. I roll my eyes. I can't believe she just quoted One Direction. Sharon lets out a cheer.

I see a group of teenagers playing truth and dare in one corner. They're sitting comfortably on the couch and an empty beer bottle is kept on a table between them. It's turning round and round and round. The game looks really interesting. Immediately Sharon's Bucket List enters my mind. Wasn't playing truth and dare a task too?

Hmm...maybe later.

"C'mon let's dance!" Susan exclaims before dragging me and Sharon towards the throngs of dancing teenagers. And before we know it, we're shaking our body to the beats of a pop song. I can feel the sudden rush of energy through me; I feel excited. My hair whips as I move. I can feel everyone's eyes on us. This is so exhilarating.

An hour later, tired from all that dancing, we decide to take a short break and head towards the kitchen. My legs are totally killing me by the way—wearing this gorgeous pair of pumps to a dance party was definitely a bad idea.

The kitchen is really crowded too; it's almost suffocating. Couples have occupied this place almost completely. Boys and girls can be spotted at every other corner, kissing and feeling each other up; some against the walls, some on the kitchen mantle tops. There's a giant fridge in the rightmost corner, so that's where I go. I squeeze my way through the crowd, and open up the fridge. Su and Sharon immediately grab a can of beer each. I look for something non-alcoholic. The drinks refresh our minds, and before we know it, we're back to dancing.

Taylor Swift's 'Twenty Two,' blasts through the speakers. Everyone around us gives out a loud cheer, and we all start dancing. By the time the song ends, we're laughing like lunatics. This was beyond amazing.

The whole place is suddenly drawn into a peaceful silence when the erratic dance songs are replaced by something a little more soft, and soothing. A few people groan, and couples immediately scramble onto the dance floor. It's slow dance time. Seeing all these couples wrapped intimately around each other, swaying slowly to a love song takes me back to the time I'd done the same, but with my best friend.

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