~Ice Skating~

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Ice Skating

I'm blindfolded so I can't see a thing. My hands are in front of me, trying to guide my way as I hope I don't slip or trip on anything. Although hands are wrapped around my arms to guide me and the boys are telling me if there are any steps I need to climb or go down, my instincts are taking over which explains my arms out in front of me.

I have no idea where we are but I'm dressed in a pair of sweats with long thick socks. I'm wearing a t-shirt and when we got out of the car, Gabriel had slipped a hooded jumper over my head and finger-less gloves onto my hands, despite the high temperatures outside.

Summer is coming to Charleston and I'm wrapped up like its winter. All I got told this morning after breakfast was that they were taking me somewhere I've once asked to go but never mentioned again. I've been racking my brain ever since and still can't think where it was I wanted to go.

I hear doors open, but the boys have kept quiet apart from telling me directions and asking me to trust them with guiding me to our location. As I continue to walk, Gabriel on one side of me and Sean on the other, I feel a blast of cold air hit my face. "Where are we that's cold?" I ask.

Nothing, silence. That's pretty much how it's been since I dressed and left my room. I asked questions and they wouldn't tell me. What did please me though was seeing the others (to) dressed in sweats and t-shirts as we left the house and climbed into the cars, even my mysterious, suit loving Owen Blackbourne.

My curiosity was killing me.

"There's steps Trouble, take one at a time." Gabriel says into my ear and I nod, slowing down and moving my foot only as I find the step down.

"Hold her and make sure she don't break her fucking neck." North booms from somewhere in front of me and I try to not roll my eyes but I do, thankful of the blindfold wrapped over my eyes so he can't see it. "I know you're rolling your eyes, baby." I grin.

We walk down the stairs and Gabriel and Sean continue to guide me. Kota told me how many steps there was so I count each one as I go down them. I hope no one is about as I feel really stupid blindly making my way around.

I car hear music coming from somewhere. It's not overly loud but loud enough I can make out Little Mix singing Black Magic.

"There, done." Sean says and I can hear his smile just by the sound of his voice.

"Can I take off the blindfold now?" I ask, my hands reaching up to the black silk scarf that Gabriel said was mine, something I didn't even realize I had.

"Yep, do it." I can hear the smile in Luke's voice also, the excitement coming from him causing my own excitement to bubble.

I pull the blindfold off and look around me. The first thing I see is a place I have only seen on TV when I've flicked through the channels on Nathan's TV. "We're going ice skating?" Now I can hear the excitement in my own voice. My grin is huge and it hurts my cheeks but I can't make it go away.

"We are." Kota says. "We have the whole place to ourselves for the next four hours."

"You'll be an expert on the ice before we leave." Nathan adds and I clap my hands together in excitement, not even caring that they rented the whole place out.

"Any CCTV is also turned off so we can be ourselves here also, Sang." My eyes find Owen's and I nod my head, happy that I we can be who we are here. One girl completely and utterly in love with nine boys who love her back just as fiercely.

"These are for you." I look to Gabriel and take the pink case from him, frowning down at it.

"What is it?"

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