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Make Up for My Love (Cara Delevingne - girlxgirl)

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This is a girlxgirl fic - my first! - written for my friends best friend :) so here we go!


Hi, my name's Verity - I know, 'oh, that's not a real name!!', well too bad because hey it's mine so yes it is a real name - and I'm bisexual... just thought I'd throw that in early. I have the biggest crush (might even be love) on Cara Delevigne.

Oh my fucking god. Have you seen her? She's gorgeous! And just perfect... in every way...

So yeah, I have raven black hair and emerald green eyes and I work in the make up industry. But better yet, I've been asked to do Cara's make up in her next photoshoot! It's being held in Paris - obvs - which is the city of loooove and Cara recently announced that she's bisexual too... so I might, you know, try something...;)

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