Dating the Son of Zeus*17*

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As I stood on my balcony watching the sun go down, I couldn't help to think about how I had been in this exact same position this morning, hoping that the day would go well. Hanging my head and closing my eyes I sighed. How did everything go so horribly wrong? Hearing the door downstairs open I knew that my friends had arrived home. It wasn't long before a quiet knock was coming from my door.

"Hercules? Can I come in?" Penelope's voice asked.

"Sure," I said so quietly a normal human wouldn't of heard.

I walked to my bed and took a seat as Penelope walked into my room. Her face clearly screamed how worried she was. I looked up at her with what I was sure was a pathetic look. I didn't care that I looked weak and broken right now. I had screwed up, big time, and I knew it.

"How is she?" I finally asked.

"She's pretty upset, and confused. She has no idea how Hector managed to come out of that without a scratch on him."

"I didn't even leave a scratch?" I asked, looking up at her. I knew I wouldn't of, and even if I did it would have healed almost immeaditely.

"Leonidas swears he saw a bit of blood but I didn't find any," she said taking a seat beside me.

"Did she say anything to you?"

"She said a lot to me. She said that she's upset that you acted that way. She doesn't like how jealous you are of her. She was embarrased that you acted that way in front of everyone. But more than any of that, she was scared," Penelope said.

"Scared?" I questioned.

"Yeah. She was scared. She said that the look you had in your eyes wasn't one that she had ever seen before. She was scared of you, and for you. She was afraid that Hector would fight back and you would get hurt."

I hung my head in shame. She was scared of me? All I wanted to do was to protect her. She was my main concern. I could never hurt her. To think that she was scared of me just hurt. "I don't know what to do Penelope," I said honestly. I felt her put her hand on my back.

"You need to talk to her. You need to go tell her that you're sorry and that you just lost it for a minute. But what would really clear everything up, is if you told her."

I knew what she really meant. I should tell Sophia about what I am and why I'm here. That would explain everything to her. But if I did that, if I told her the truth about everything, I was putting everything on the line. I was not only giving the truth, I was giving her an ultimatum. Because once she knows, she has to choose. She carries both of our fates in her hands, and I don't know if I'm ready for that. I could lose her forever, and that wasn't something I could handle. But it had to happen eventually. How long could I really put it off for? Standing up I walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Penelope asked.

"Sophia's," I said.


I parked my car in front of the orphanage. Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach and I almost chickened out. But taking a deep breath, I hopped out of the car before I could change my mind. Walking up the steps I took a moment to try to figure out what to say. What was I going to say?

"Sophia I'm sorry I tried to kill Hector today but you see he's a god and he's bad news. And I'm a god and I'm pretty sure you're my soul mate and I got jealous. Sorry. Will you come to Mount Olympus with me and be my wife?"I laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. Shaking my head I knocked on the door, stepping back and waiting for someone to answer.

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