Chapter 1: Realization

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Lucy woke up that morning, dread ran through her at the thought of what she was going to do today at the guild. Slowly she rose up from the bed, the cold air making her shiver. However, as she was about to step away from her bed an arm wrapped around her waist and tugged her back to the bed. Unfortunately for Lucy, she tripped over the edge of her salmon rug.

Unable to control gravity - too bad Yukino had Libra- she collapsed on the bed, her head pillowed on a warm, muscled stomach. Inwardly Lucy groaned, she knew who was in her bed. Natsu. Lucy thought to herself before Natsu wrapped his hand around her mouth. The muffler was very effective. Lucy tried to squirm out of his grip, alas every time she wiggled he'd tightened his grip. Finally, after realizing she couldn't move Lucy went slack; deciding to fall back to sleep.

Her sleep was perfect until a voice came from above her head. "H...Hey, Luce can you please get off of me, you're kind of making my arm fall asleep." A voice deep with sleep said. Inwardly Lucy sighed and snuggled closer making a sound of disagreement. Then the person shifted beneath her. A hand shook her shoulder. Lucy opened her eyes, annoyed someone dared to wake her from her slumber. Lucy glared at Natsu, made a humph sound, and snuggled even closer. "Okay, then if you don't get up I'll have Happy fill a bucket with ice- water and throw it on you." Natsu's voice - still deep from sleep- whispered into her ear. At that Lucy, both blushed- from the deep voice- and drew out her whip, prepared to launch Natsu outside for his threat. "Don't. You. Dare!" Lucy snarled at the grinning Pinkette. "Okay, okay I won't." Natsu had his hands up in the air, a sign that he was giving up. Lucy lowered her whip and grabbed her clothes for the day. "I'm going to take a bath. Do not open the door. And make coffee while I'm bathing." Lucy commanded and without another word, Lucy went to the bathroom to begin her day.

Natsu had just kicked open the wooden Guild doors. And not five seconds later a chair flew out and hit the pair outside. Lucy growled and flung the chair with her whip back into the guild. Not long after launching Natsu ran in and joined the fight. Calmly- unlike her partner- Lucy walked into the guild; ducking, and using her whip to get away from flying debris. After passing through the war- zone Lucy sat in her acclaimed seat at the bar. Once again ducking and dodging debris from the war zone. "Mira, can I please have a strawberry shake?" Lucy asked the Bartender; MiraJane Strauss. Mira smiled at the blonde who in turn smiled at her. Shortly after the short exchange Mira turned and began to make the Blonde's shake.

As Lucy sat and waited for her shake three blue-haired females and a scarlet female sat on either side of the blonde. The girls were doing the same as Lucy; that was until a flying chair hit the scarlet's head and made her swim in her strawberry cake. The scarlet's face flushed red with anger, putting her hair to shame. "Erza calm down." Lucy tried to reason but was too late, Erza was already in her Heaven's Wheel Armor joining in the fight. Lucy sighed and ducked flying swords as well as debris. "So Levy, Wendy, what have you both been up to?" Lucy asked casually, or as casually as possible since there was a table flying in their direction. "Might want to duck, table at twelve 'o' clock," Lucy informed the bluenettes. The girls heeded her warning and ducked.

But just as fate would have it, Mira had just set down Lucy's shake right when the table hit where the girls would have been. Thus Lucy's shake met the floor. Lucy looked at the spilled shake then at the fight. An audible snap was heard throughout the guild as Lucy's Patience snapped. The fight stopped, each member quivering at an angry blonde, each fearing her wrath. "Who. Threw. It?!" The blonde growled, her voice almost inhuman. Immediately all finger pointed to a pink haired boy and a raven-haired boy; Natsu Dragneel and Grey Fullbuster. Both boys hugged each other, afraid of Lucy's anger. As Lucy was about to withdraw her Fleve de Ettoil the doors to the guild hall opened. A boy stood at the door, his eyes- hidden under a hooded cloak- locked on a certain blonde.

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