Bath time (Kureto Hiiragi x Reader)

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You was sitting inside the living room, that belonged to your and Kuretos part of the Hiiragi mansion.

Reading a book like each day, as Kureto entered the room. He sat down on the sofa with a sigh, still inside his dirty and bloodstained uniform.

You was married already for a while now. But he ignored you each day, he didn't even consume the marriage with you till now.

At first you was frustrated, but you arranged yourself pretty fast with your life like this, in the end you didn't marry out of love.

"Help me undress."

You heard him command and looked confused to him. It was the first time for him to ask for this, usually he didn't talk to you.

Laying your book to the side you stood up and walked towards him.

Wordless you started to unbutton the jacket of the uniform. Your eyes were fixed on the button.

"Aoi, bath."

Kureto yelled, looking to the door.

As you finished with opening the jacket, he stood up to take the jacket of, which he throw on the sofa.

Staying in front of him you watched the floor.

"You will come with me and scrub my back."

You gave a small nod to his words and wondered how it came to those actions of his now.

"Come." he said, as he went past you.

You follow him to the bath.

As you both enter the bathroom, the bathtub is already filled with hot water.

Kureto started to undress completely.

You just stay there, watching the floor, not really knowing what you are supposed to do.

"You will stay inside your clothes? You're my wife, i should have seen you naked already long time ago."

"I.... just..." you try to say something.

Turning around, so your back is facing him, you start to undress.

As your head turns around, you can see that he started already to scrub himself.

His back was facing you so you turned around, but still trying to cover you naked body with your arms, as you sat down behind him.

Without looking to the back, he gave you a sponge and you started slowly to gently scrub his back.

When you was finished, he said: "Turn around."

"Eh? Why?" you asked surprised.

"You want to go dirty into the bathtub?"

So you turned around and he did the same as you before.

During all this your eyes fixed the floor. It seemed so unreal to you, after he ignored you all this time now.

After he was finished he stood up and entered the bathtub. A relaxing moan escaped his lips as he sunk into the warm water.

"Come inside."

You slowly stood up, trying again to cover yourself up with your arms.

"Stop being shy, i am your husband."

He said, although his eyes were closed and his head was resting on the back of the bathtub.

You sat inside the bathtub in front of him, your back facing him again.

Like this you was sitting for a while. You lwas lost in your thoughts, as suddenly his arms laid around your waist and he pulled you closer to him.

Soft Lips started kissing your neck.

Your Eyes widen in surprise and as you turn your head around, his lips meet yours.

It surprised you how soft he kissed you.

"Lets finish this inside our bed." he whispers in your ear.

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