Chapter Four

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I ran. Where? I didn’t know. All I know is that I was running. Loud shrill howls echoed in the winter’s breeze. It was cold and I was running without a jacket, or anything to keep me warm. I could feel my heart beating more with each frantic step I took. I was deep within the woods now. The shrilled howls from before are gone, but replaced by growls. Growls I’ve heard before.

 I stop my frantic running and grasped at my chest. The beating of my heart was ringing through my ears and my breathing was fast. I was now in a familiar spot. Somewhere I have been only once, but I’d never forget. The way the birds were quiet, the way the trees were thinner and more spread out.

 That’s when I saw him. The same giant black wolf I had encountered during school break. I cringed at its electric blue eyes. They were quite familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The wolf was still as big as it was when I first saw it. He’s eyes still bore into mine as he crept closer. He rubbed his giant head against my stomach and a low growl formed in his throat. I placed my cold hand on his head and started to finger through his thick, black fur. It was soft and warm under my hand. I wondered for a second why I wasn’t running or trying to get away from him, but I was glued to the spot and hardly any fear rolled within me.

The shrill growls were back and I could feel the black wolfs body tense under my touch. A low warning growl came from his throat and echoed into the woods. The wolf I was petting looked passed my shoulder and into the woods. I dared to look in them, afraid that there was more than one giant wolf stalking in the woods behind me. The black wolf moved in front of me and stood in a protective stance. I turned around slowly expecting the worse, but there standing just a few sprints away, was a rust colored wolf. He was big, but was at least a few feet shorter than the one standing in front of me. I looked through the woods and saw several glowing eyes fixated on me.

I cringed again and I felt tense. I wanted to cry and run as far away as I could, but I knew better than to make any sudden movements. I knew they were going to attack if I did. Sudden growls from behind us made my head snap to the source. More wolfs. I should be scared now that we were now surrounded by giant wolfs. How could he take them all and still protect me. I wanted to do something to help, but I was helpless.

One word was echoed in my mind.


It would say in a hushed whisper. I crouched down behind the wolf and laid flat on my stomach. I felt him come over and stand above me, looking, watching for any kind of movement. I could hear his heart from where I was laying. Soft, and not a beat was out of place. All of a sudden, he tilted his head back and let out a loud war cry. I felt him shift around on his paws, thinking he was going to charge at the rust colored wolf. My heart tightened as it didn’t want him to leave me. I heard the sounds of paws sprinting, but I didn’t know where. I watched as I saw paws running towards the rust colored wolf. The wolfs behind us were on his side. The black wolf’s side. Now known as my protector. They were fighting for the black wolf that was now walking backwards.

Get up and run… NOW! I stood up and started running, again and the black wolf was now running by my side. I started slowing down, I couldn’t run any longer. I watched as the wolf slowed down behind me, before picking up speed and picking me up with his head. I slid back to the middle of his back and he started running faster. I gripped his fur with all my might trying not to fall off. A soft, hushed whisper spoke to me in my mind.

I will never leave you.


My eyes flashed open and I leaned forward in my bed. My heart was pounding in my chest from my bizarre dream I just had. I looked around the room in a daze. My mind was reeling from Summer’s peek. The hand holding seeing Keegan, Keegan disappearing out of thin air like he was some kind of magician, the simple kiss Preston laid on my cheek at my door step when he dropped me off at my house, and most importantly, the words Keegan spoke to me. If I told him I would leave him alone, he wouldn’t get pay back at me. If I didn’t revenge would soon be throttled my way. Though I feared no one, right now, Keegan Rawson and the giant wolf is the only two things in the world that scares me.

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