Rod's Temptation | 3

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All Rights Reserved. Mariah had been holding Raheim aka "Rod" down since they were kids. But this time Mariah had enough, it's only so much a strong woman can take. She was tired of Rod taking her for granted, thinking no matter what he did she would never leave his side and at first she thought that too.

Now she just can't take anymore after the constant hoes and nights she spent alone knowing he was somewhere with another woman, she was DONE. Completely and utterly done.

Rod still doesn't understand until he wakes up with out his Boss Chick by his side, it was real. But does it stop Rod from fucking other females when he had a loyal one at home?

Mariah was his first and only love and she felt the same way but now she had reached her breaking point.. Could he change? OR would he always be the player and not give a fuck about his infidelity.

It's all about Temptation..


Rod's Temptation; One

"Mariah home, I'll holla at you later." Rod said into the phone.

"Tell Wifey I said hey." Juicy joked before she hung up.

Juicy was a side-line, nothing special. She didn't mean nothing, just a pussy to get into.

"Hey, daddy." Mariah said as she walked in the room with a sundress on and her hair cut short like it always was.

"Hey mama." He said as he set up from the bed and opened his arms.

Mariah walked into his arms with no hesitation, he buried his head in her neck as he inhaled her perfume. He grabbed her ass as he kissed her neck, happy his baby was home.

"I missed you." He said as he pulled back from their hug as Mariah took off her shoes and crawled on the bed.

"I missed you too." She said as she laid on his chest.

Mariah was out shopping with friends, today she didn't have to work since she was off.

"You ain't spend all my money, did you?" Rod asked as he looked down at her.

"Nigga, I got my own money." She said as Rod chuckled. That's what he loved about her, she was independent.

Her dress bunched around her waist as she straddled him with his hands on her waist.

Mariah and Rod had been together since they were fourteen and through all those years they had been on and off. Now being twenty-seven, Rod was still cheating on a knowing Mariah.

To Rod he didn't see anything wrong with it, if they were together for thirteen years and she never left, she never would. To him she didn't have to worry if he was coming home to her, waking up to her, making love to her, and only loving her.

His phone rang as Mariah started to pull her dress off.

She raised a eyebrow, "Answer it."

Rod sighed as he reached over and grabbed his phone from the dresser.

"Yo?" He said as he watched Mariah pull off her sundress to reveal her bare C breast.

"Bruh, we hitting the club in a couple of hours. You down?" D asked.

"What time?" He asked as Mariah started to unbutton his jeans. She unzipped them before Rod raised his hips so she could pull his boxers and jeans down.

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