Chapter- Nine

I was damn stupid. A stupid brainless creature. It was like my body acted first as a defense and my brain just went with the flow.

I literally kind of hugged Vitale with my action-- no, scratch that actually I hugged Vitale.

I hugged a freaking psychopath. When my brain actually got the message that I did hug him, my whole body froze.

I was kind of scared, thinking what would happen next didn't help me either.

It was not everyday that I hug some random guy who also was a murderer. Let's pray that he will not kill me.

"Now, now let's don't get too clingy, should we?" Vitale commented with slight amusement though the comment was more sarcastic.

With that I heard someone chuckling but I ignored it as I was already dying from humiliation.

I pushed myself away from him and turned my head and that was a big mistake. I immediately covered my eyes with both my hands and screamed, "Oh my God, I am so sorry."

I didn't know what was more embarrassing the fact that I hugged Vitale or that I saw a guy half-naked.

"Fanculo! George, where the hell are your clothes?" Vitale asked angrily. I couldn't see his expression due to my eyes being covered. But seriously, this guy always seemed angry or was always barking orders at orders.

Did he even smile or was the scowl permanent expression of his face?

He needs to chill. But I was not going to say that. Life is too precious to be snatched away by him due to a stupid comment.

"Chill dude" The guy, George,  started, annoyance was clear in his voice , "You just cannot barge into my room and fucking order me, 'Kay? That damn door," he paused, " is for a damn ass reason. Knock it before you come. Respect my privacy. I could have been fully naked, thank God that I was not."

My jaw dropped at his reply. He didn't seem to be scared of Vitale. I mean, Vitale could shoot anyone who even look at him with bad eyes.

I removed my hands from my eyes to take a look at Vitale's reaction. Surprisingly, he didn't look like he wanted to rip George's body and take out his soul and sell it to Devil.

Instead, he scowled at him.

"Whatever. Just wear something. We have something to discuss." He replied through clenched teeth.


With that I heard a door slam shut.

Phew! At least now I know Vitale cared about someone.

Vitale looked at me and probably saw my expression because he gave me a look that made me shiver.

I averted my gaze so that I was no looking pass his head and saw a guy standing- no, I actually heard his footsteps before the person appeared.

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