questions to ask

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Has your character ever been to a Marsh?

If your character were ever given a shirt that said kiss me I'm Irish, would they wear it?
→How would they react if they were kissed?

Has your character ever been ice skating?

Is your character naturally ambitious?

Is your character talented at finding the silver lining in unfavorable situations?

Is your character good at tracing words/pictures?

While washing dishes, is your character the type to try to sterilize the dishes, or merely make them look clean?

Has your character ever torn a muscle?

Does your character have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and opinions when they're angry?

How quickly is your character able to switch between two tasks?

If your character were to own a pet would they prefer a large animal or a small one?

Does your character ever listen to music with lyrics in a language that your character doesn't understand?

Is there something guaranteed to wake them up out of anything short of a coma?

How often does your character forget what they're talking about?

Does your character ever stop to smell the flowers?

How to animals tend to react to your character?

Is there any type of food your character refuses to cook?

Does it bother your character when numbered sets of things (movies, books, etc.) Are out of order?

Has your character ever used invisible ink before?

Does your character perfer an erasable or non erasable tool when writing?

How good is your character at comforting others?

Has your character ever felt the need to say something but didn't know how to say it?

Has your character ever had a nosebleed?
→If so, what caused it?

Has your character ever been tired but couldn't fall asleep?
→How often does this happen to them?
→How do they deal with it?

How long does it take for your characters hair to dry naturally?

When going to bed does your character like to wear socks, or sleep without socks?

When in their home do they walk around barefoot, wear socks, slippers, or do they wear shoes?

Does your character enjoy assembling models?

If given a choice, does your character perfer to get books in physical or electronic form?

What would your characters reaction upon receiving a gift they didn't like?

Does your character properly apologize when in the wrong, or do they avoid it?

How would your characters best friend describe your character?

Does your character have any tells? (Unconscious habits that occur when lying or bluffing like putting their hands in there pockets, or scratching their nose)

How many grooming does your character use? (This includes things like toothbrushes, combs, toothpaste, and soap, as well as lotion, razors, and hair gel)

How good is your character at remembering things they've read?

Does your character have any special methods when eating soup? (Like using a larger spoon. Do they drink it? Do they dip crackers in it?)

How spicy of food can your character handle?

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