*Hey Peoples, 99.999999999999 etc.% of the characters and settings in this Weird collection of storys are in other movies.

Harry potter mets the ring......

Harry Potter: It is soooooooooo boring

Hermione: What?

Harry Potter: This movie.

Hermione: You mean the random collection of horrible pictures?

Harry Potter: Ohhhh so thats' what it is.


Harry Potter: *Movie ends; Phone rings* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermione: *Answers Phone*  Hello you have reached the Harry potter Hotline. How may I help you?

Samara: "Seven Days"

Hermione: Ya, thats how long it takes to ship something for the fan club. How else may i help you?

Samara: "Seven Days"

Hermione: Ya, I got that.

Samara: THAT STUPID BOY WHO WATCHED THAT TAPE WILL DIE IN SEVEN DAYS!!!! GOSH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Line goes dead*

Hermione: Ohhhhhhh............

Harry Potter: What?? What is it?

Hermione: Oh nothing. Just some very creepy girl on the other end said that you will die in seven days.

Random Person: * walks in room* Your an idiot. *Leaves Room*

Hermione/Harry: Okay than..............

Harry Potter: If I can survive Voldemort, I can survive some creepy Stalker girl.

Hermione/Ron: Yeah!!!!!

Harry Potter: Ron, I wasn't talking to you.

Ron: Ok, I'll just go watch this video. *Leaves room with the EVIL video*

Hermione: Wait, what tape did Ron just take?

Harry Potter: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *both rush out of the room*

Harry Potter: RON! Dont watch the tape! *Opens door*

Ron: Don't what?

Harry Potter: Watch the movie!!!!

Ron: Why? *Quickly covering his eyes*

Harry Potter: You'll get a stalker, just like i do.

Hermione: A stalker? That girl sounded like she wanted to KILL you.

Harry Potter: All girls want a peice of me. *Winks*

Hermione: Yeah, those same girls think Dracos hot. *sigh* Draco.

Ron/Harry: *shutter*

Harry Potter: Anyway..... Anyone want a Butterbeer?

Hermione/Ron: Yeah

Later (Much Later [in fact seven days later] ) back in the common room

Harry Potter: That was... hic.... the best back to school rave EVER....hic.

Hermione: I cant belive that you guys drank all the Butterbeer in town.

Ron: Yeah well.... *Ron Passes out on the couch*