Louis Tomlinson Adopted me

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hi im Nicole Michael Madison im 15 years old i have blonde hair with blue and pink tips at the end of my hair i have a nose piercing that my mom gave me and i have braces i got sent to an adoption center because my dad divorced my mom and then my mom got angry and started hating me then she threw me into the adoption center this is how it all went down


i woke up to the smell of smoke i remembered my mom smokes when she is either angry or happy im guessing she is happy i better start packing i pulled out my suitcase and started packing once i finished i went downstairs and looked at my mom she had cooked me breakfast she never does this something is up i sat down and ate my breakfast she smiled at me

alright what is up why did you cook me breakfast i said looking at her

oh Nicole cant i just make breakfast for my very special daughter that i love she said smiling she came up and kissed my cheek

give it up what is it there is something your excited about you never act this way towards me you hate me i said

alright here it is im taking you to the adoption center i dont need you in my life anymore your useless to me she said not caring and kept on smiling

WHAT THE HELL MOM HOW COULD YOU i yelled picking up my cup of orange juice and throwing the juice on her than i ran upstairs and grabbed my suitcase i put on some skinny jeans and a pink tanktop and some uggs then i ran downstairs and out the door and into the car and waited i saw my mom with a belt she opened the door and wooped me then she closed the door and got in the drivers seat and started driving

That will teach you a lesson about throwing juice on me dont ever do that again nicole do you hear me she said with anger i stayed silent

NICOLE MICHAEL MADISON ANSWER ME BEFORE I PULL OVER THE CAR AND BEAT YOU AGAIN she yelled i still stayed silent she stopped the car i got scared so i decided to answer

ALRIGHT YES MAM i yelled then she started driving again i cried hard until we got there i opened the door and got my suitcase and ran to the adoption center door before i opened it i turned back around and gave my mom the finger she didnt care she got into the car and drov off i opened the door and saw the lady she saw me crying and hugged me i cried into her arms then she lead me to my room then she left me i ran onto the bed and cried until i fell asleep

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