FOG: #100WordScream

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I stood across the street from the other lonely commuter an hour before "The Pit" called it a night. There I served beers, wine, bourbon and anything fitting for the sinful soul. This watering hole is buried 18 feet underground and no doubt built to capture and stale the smoke, misery and body stench of the sinful patrons. The blood suckers usually blend in with the different shades of danger that thickens the loud trapped air.

A grey, gloomy cloud touched the earth as the slight rain placed a glossy sheen over the damped street. The wind whispered through the aged hollowed-out buildings. Time crawled. No bus in sight on the shabby outskirts.

Distant sounds of thunder and dimmed flashes of lightning slowed the time even more. The stranger on the other side paced. Six steps to the left, six steps back to the right while checking his phone.

An old sinister 1950s purple Oldsmobile slowly approached through the thick gray fog. It stopped beside the pacing loner. A tall stunning and elegantly dressed female stepped out of the passenger's side. Her silky, long, translucent purple matching dress floated on the glossy street.

The stunned loner backed up against the only remaining glass panel in the rusted bus stop. She wrapped her long leg around him in the most erotic manner. Her hands slowly caressing his nervous body as she leaned him over for optimum reach. A scream echoed through the ruins as she pierced his neck with her deadly fangs in the heated rush. Seconds later his lifeless body slid to the ground.

She gracefully stepped over his bloodless body with her silky purple dress slowly gliding over his face. Almost like a ritual she smiled.

I stood there horrified as the sinister purple Oldsmobile disappeared on the other side of the fog with the monster who delivered the deadly bite.

The wind whispered through the ruins as my bus appeared from behind the thick wall of gray.


I was tagged by RKClose to write the #100WordScream but as you can see, I'm over by just a little bit. I'll be posting a #100Words version soon. Thanks so much for stopping by.


- Thomas © March 17, 2016

- Thomas © March 17, 2016

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