Part Five

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The walk over to the bar wasn't long enough. In the matter of minutes, you got to know him and talk to him. He was more than you imagined.

He was sweet, caring and hilarious, he could make you laugh for days.

But of course, it was time for it to come to an end.

He watched you lightly nibble on your lower lip, as you pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. He didn't want to go inside, to be interrupted by the loud music and drunken slurs.

Jensen wanted to just be alone with you. To know everything he could. Your hopes, your dreams, the very things that make you tick.

It baffled him to no end, knowing how strong your hold was on him. You were captivating, since the moment he every laid his eyes on you, he was hooked.

"Do you want to get some food or something?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck. "There's a great burger place down the street."

Usually you'd never even think twice about going to a place you weren't sure of with a guy you barely even knew.

But he made you feel at ease, and for that, you couldn't say no. "Sure." You smiled.

Jensen felt his stomach flutter, as his lips curved. "Sweet."


The diner was cute and not as crowded as you thought it would be. The waitress escorted you to table in the corner. Secluded from the few customers that were there.

"This is cute." You chuckled, glancing around the diner.

Jensen had his eyes on you, watching with a smile.

"So what can I get started for y'all?" The waitress asked.

You looked to Jensen and flashed a cheeky grin then looked up at the waitress. "I'd like a stack of pancakes." You exhaled.

She noted it down and turned to Jensen. "And what about you, young man?"

Jensen chuckled, and shrugged his shoulders. "I'll have the same, with some bacon on the side."

The waitress nodded and started back toward the kitchen, leaving you alone with him.

"So, breakfast for dinner?" He cackled.

"Uh yea, you can never go wrong with pancakes."

He let out a soft giggle, as leaned on his elbows. "Exactly!" He muttered. "I've been telling People that for years!"

Hearing him laugh some how caused your stomach to flutter. It was the sound that made everything seem peaceful.

The way the light hit his face, exposed the freckles that danced along his cheeks and nose. Without realizing, you were in the middle of counting them until he cleared his throat.

"I wanted to tell you that I thought your cosplay was pretty bad ass." He exclaimed.

You pursed your lips, playfully and scrunched your face at him. "Oh really? You thought an Anna Boba Fett was bad ass?"

"Hell yea!" He blurted. "It was original, and fucking awesome. Trust me, even my daughter would have thought so!"

And there it was, the image of the little girl who smiled up at you with her beautiful eyes gazing into yours.

"Oh yea, the birthday girl." You chuckled. "How is-JJ right?"

Jensen nodded, surprised you still remembered her name. "She's great! She talks about Disneyland all the time, and how she met Rapunzel." He stated. "Seriously, you have no idea how much she loves Rapunzel. It's adorable. she makes me watch tangled at least three times a day."

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