Behind Blue Eyes Chapter 12

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I continued, “Is this what you really look like, or are you just trying to look super hot so I like you?” Ryan chuckled, and I noticed that he has dimples.

“This is what I really look like. I could look anyway you want me to though.” It was now my turn to laugh.

“No, only change if you want to; I like you however you are. A long as your not my mom.” I finished with a laugh.

Jasper suddenly burst into the room. His eyes frantic, full of worry and indecision, Alice followed just behind him. Her own face a mask of his.

“Noelle! We have to run! Now!” I was startled. Jasper didn’t respond to my surprise, but rather scooped me up and darted out of the room.

Clinging to Jasper’s neck, I buried my face into his chest as he ran. I really didn’t want to find out if I get motion sickness or not.

Just as I started to lift my head up, Jasper stopped suddenly, causing my head to crash back into his stone chest.

Yellow splotches filled my vision, the only color in the black night. Dizziness overtook me and I slipped into the black comfort of sleep.

“Noelle.” My name was repeated over and over. It echoed around me, making my head pound. Another voice started saying my name, more urgently.

“Noelle, wake up. Please Noelle, you have to wake up.” Ryan’s voice pleaded with me.

I felt my eyelids flutter, but they didn’t open. I forced my heavy lids open, and came face to face with dizziness.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I whimpered. A cold hand rested on my forehead; another wrapped around my waist, lifting me up.

Opening my eyes briefly, I saw that I was being cradled against Ryan’s chest. My eyes shut on their own accord before I could get dizzy again.

Ryan hugged me tighter to his chest. Whispering softly in my ear, he told me everything would be okay.

Why was it so windy? Were we running, or were we at a beach? I don’t think there are any beaches in Washington, but I guess I could be wrong.

Forcing my eyes open again, I saw the russet wolf sitting on an outcrop of rock. Below him, angry gray waves fought for dominance over the ocean.

Only Ryan and me were here. I didn’t know where Jasper or Alice went. I cringed into Ryan.

“Why is the wolf here?” I asked, my voice portraying my terror. Ryan had no clue how many times that wolf had tried to kill me.

“Don’t worry Noelle, It will all be fine. The wolf is going to help us.” Those were the last words I heard before a russet blur landed on us.

Shrieking, I tried to push the giant creature off of me. A paw pressed down on my scars, making my shriek even more.

A growling head appeared in front of me, sinister yellow eyes boring into my head. 

Concentrating on pushing the pain from my stomach into the wolf, I was surprised when he dropped down whining.

Almost immediately he was back up, but now the beast kept his distance. Arms grabbed me from behind and I freaked out. Lashing out with my legs, I hit what seemed to be stone.

“Noelle! Noelle, calm down!” Carlisles voice sounded in my ear. I stopped flailing around, and looked over my shoulder. Carlisle was still holding me from behind, but Ryan was also there. Where had Ryan gone? He was holding me when we were tackled, then seemed to disappear.

“Get… the wolf… away from m-me.” I stuttered to Carlisle. Glancing at the beast again, I shivered.

Carlisle said something to Ryan, and Ryan went to get rid of the wolf. After he left, I sank to the ground.

Staring at the sky was painful. A rock was digging into my butt and my back cracked a few times.

“Ouch.” I said with a small frown. How come it hurts when your back cracks? I wanted to go home. I wanted to get away from Ryan. He probably set me up so the wolf would attack me.

“Noelle, are you ok? Did the wolf hurt you at all?” Carlisle asked me, kneeling down.

“No. No. I’m fine.” I said, still in a daze from being attacked. Carlisles hands checked me over as he mutterer something under his breath. I winced as he probed my thighs.

Several red claw marks stood out in high contrast on my white thighs. I groaned. They would probably leave more scars. I have enough scars to last me more than a lifetime. Coming back to the present, I yelled at Ryan when he came back.

“Ryan! How could you! I swear the second before it attacked me you said everything would be okay! And you let it attack me! You didn’t even do anything!” I was crying by the time I finished. I wiped the tears off my face impatiently. Tears show weakness and I don’t like showing weakness. Ryan cringed at my words.

“Noelle…” He trailed off, his voice hurt. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t have done anything if I tried. The wolf…its not a normal animal. It’s a werewolf. And they were made to hunt vampires. I’m just as strong as a normal human is when they are around. I don’t have my gift when they are near. I couldn’t have done anything.”

I was speechless, werewolf? Vampires and werewolves, what next, angels? Sucking in a deep breath, I sigh.

“Sorry I yelled at you.” I mumbled. I winced as Carlisle rubbed something that stung into my legs.

“Ryan, we’re going to have to carry her back. I don’t want Noelle walking with her legs like this.” Ryan nodded at scooped me up, bridal style.

Leaning my head against his chest, I let the tears silently stream down my cheeks. Too much had been going on lately; my scars really hurt, I kept getting hurt, the situation I was in changed from one second to the next.

Ryan’s hand lifted my chin and his gray eyes bore into my icy blue ones. His face softened into a smile.

“I won’t let anything else happen to you Noelle, I promise.” The words whispered into my ear were barely heard.

“I know.” I replied just as softly. A slight smile sprung to my lips with his promise.

Before my smile had faded, memories started to swirl inside my head. First memories of promises, my mom promising we could go to Hawaii for vacation; the semi drivers smirk, a promise that the crash had been real.

My muscles tensed as more memories came. The feeling of Emmett pressing me against a tree, my parents being pronounced dead on scene and the bitter clean smell of hospitals haunted my head.

My breathing came in gasps and I didn’t even notice Ryan or Carlisle trying to calm me. Squeezing my eyes shut, I dug my fingers into the ground. I guess Ryan had put me down.

Unwanted pictures continued to be shook around my head. Details from the crash and from Edwards’s childhood playing in the caves by our houses. Carlisle pulled open one of my eyelids to shine a light in it.

“Ryan we have to get her home now! She’s going into shock!” Carlisle was frantic.

The crash memories transported us to a stretch of the California turnpike. Another brief flash sent us to a meadow on a farm. The setting around us changed so much I’m not sure when I passed out from dizziness.

The last place I was aware of was my bedroom in my old house, but that scene quickly faded from my mind as I lost consciousness.

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