Behind Blue Eyes Chapter 9

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“Can’t she stay here while she’s recovering?” a voice I recognized as Carlisles’ brought me back to reality. A strange voice answered him.

“No. She knows our true identity. You know the rules Carlisle. She must come with us.” Who’s ‘us’? What rules and whose true identity is he talking about?

My breathing turned slightly panicked. I couldn’t leave. The Cullens were now my only family; I can’t just leave them!

A calm sensation flowed over me, trying to penetrate my mood, trying to calm me. I felt it trickle over me like water over a stone; like leaves in the wind, Jaspers’ influence seemed to drift away. A dull pain in my ribs sharpened with every passing second and with every panicked breath.

I forced myself to calm when the pain was almost unbearable. I regained focus just as Alice started talking.

“I don’t think she knows, I see her acting like she always has around us, except she has more trouble with her scars because of the new one.” I’ve heard people talking about Alice seeing things before, but what did it mean? Was she psychic or something?

“We will leave her with you for now, but we will be checking up on her and on you.” The strangers’ voice seemed too loud in the quiet room.

My ribs protested as I took a large breath. I whimpered in pain and was immediately comforted by an ice-cold hand on my ribs. I took smaller breaths and opened my eyes a crack. The room spun momentarily. My eyes opened fully when the room settled. I blinked rapidly with the sudden brightness, waiting for my eyes to focus.

When they did I could see Esme standing next to Carlisle above me. Alice was on sitting in a desk chair a few feet away.

Wait… was I in my room? Weird, I am in my bedroom. My head pounded and my ribs ached. My shins dully ached from where the horses’ hooves had scraped and flailed.

Alice stood up and gave me a weak smile before leaving. I didn’t even try to return one. I was too tired and too sore. Carlisle murmured into Esme’s ear, and she nodded at him before silently stepping out of the room.

I coughed and winced when the pain in my ribs flared. Carlisle pushed a button on a small remote, and my bed started to lift into a slight sitting position. He then handed me a small plastic cup of water with a bendy straw.

Sipping the water, I winced slightly when I swallowed. My throat felt so raw.

“What happened?” I asked Carlisle. My voice rough. I already knew what had happened, but I wanted to be sure.

“When you were at the stables the horse reared, and while he was unbalanced he fell on top of you. Alice and Jasper called me, so I came and got you. From the fall you have a bruised rib with a gash above it, scrapes on your legs, and a slight concussion.”

Wow. The horse really hurt me.

“Stupid horse.” I mumbled, “Stupid horse was scared of Alice and just had to fall on me. I don’t even know why I ever liked that horse.” I ranted into the air. I sigh slightly cringing with pain.

“It wasn’t the horses’ fault, he was acting on instinct.” Carlisle told me. Acting on what instinct? Having reached no conclusion I asked, “What instinct?”

“Noelle, you know there’s something different about us don’t you?” I nodded. I had known something weird was going on with them the day I moved in.

“Yeah. It’s pretty obvious that you guys are different. I don’t know what you are though, and I’m not sure I want to know.”

His face clouded, “Not everyone reacts well to what we are, and we have rules we have to follow, we can’t let anybody find out.”

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