Behind Blue Eyes Chapter 6

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“Are your drawings really as good as Alice and Jasper said?” he asked curiously. I almost groaned. Why did everyone have to be obsessed with my drawings?

“I’ll be right back.” I said and turned to go upstairs to get my sketchpad. I looked in the drawer I had become used to tossing it into. It wasn’t there! I searched all of the drawers, and couldn’t find my sketchpad anywhere. I sent a panicked look around the room. I lifted up the comforter on my bed and shook it out, nothing. I tossed it back onto the bed. I ripped the pillows off of the sheets, where could it be? There was a scrap of paper sticking out from under the mattress. It read… If you ever want to see your sketchpad again you won’t tell anybody it’s missing, find the meadow in the woods behind the house before midnight


I gasped and stumbled towards the door. I tried to run down the stairs and tripped Edward caught me before I hit the ground and the scrap of paper fell from my hand. Edward picked it up when he set me on my feet.  I tried to snatch it from his hands before he could read it.

“I could help you find the meadow and we won’t tell Rosalie.” He offered. He watched the debate in my eyes.

“Only if your sure Rosalie won’t find out, and wont burn it or anything.” He nodded and I grabbed a water bottle and my sweatshirt.

“Come on, I want my sketchbook!” I tried to hurry him.

“Jasper told me you remember everything.” I mumbled traitor under my breath.

“If we run we will get there faster.” I eyed him skeptically.

“Fine.” I said. He slung me over his back and told me to close my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt a rush of wind

“We’re there.” Edward told me quietly. I snapped my eyes open and climbed of his back. He had stopped at the edge of a large meadow filled with wildflowers. The sun had set a few minutes ago.

Rosalie sat in the middle of the meadow, flipping through the sketchpad. My eyes flickered between Edward, Rosalie, and my sketchpad.

Edward made a motion with his hand telling me to go. As I entered the meadow, Rosalie glanced up.

“You found me.” She said in a bored tone. I didn’t bother answering her. I kept walking towards her. Trying not to let the cast hinder me. What kinds of people play practical jokes on the injured? Something told me she wasn’t joking though.

Rosalie stood up when I was a few feet away. She started to hand me the sketchpad. When I reached out for it, she snatched her hand away with inhuman speed.

“You didn’t think I would give up that easily, did you?” she mocked. Edward silently crept up behind her. He jumped on her back just as she was turning around. They crashed to the ground, and the book went flying. I made a grab for it before they could get up. Edward yelled for me to leave back the way I came. I turned and fled. They both had inhuman speed and strength; there was nothing I could do to help. I tripped at the fringe of the trees; my head stuck a rock and I felt a drop of blood dribble down my forehead. I groaned and tried to get up. Everything spun and I fell back to the ground. I lay there looking up at the spinning sky for a few minutes. I was so dizzy! When they sky stopped spinning it was even darker. I was chilled to the bone, and didn’t see my sweatshirt anywhere. I tried to sit up, and my cold limbs wouldn’t support my weight.

“Edward?” I weakly cried for help. I fell into the grasp of the cold night as a band of cold wrapped around me and an unnatural breeze was felt.

I felt something hot on my forehead. My eyelids fluttered in a vain attempt to open. I shivered violently and clenched my hands tighter. Where had my book gone! My eyes pulled themselves open in my panic. There was just darkness around me. I brought a cold, shaking hand up to my forehead to find a small heating pad.

My fingers grasped it as I coughed. My fists re-clenched around it. Somebody leaned over me, blocking out the miniscule amount of light my eyes had found. I shivered again and they put a heavy feeling blanket over me. I drifted uneasily back into the dark clutches of sleep.

When I next awoke, there was some light making its way through the windows. The heating pad was still in my hands. I stretched my self out of my curled up position. My muscles slowly warmed up and let me move a bit more freely. Somebody walked up behind me, leaning over me, just like last night.

“How are you feeling?” The stranger asked. I had a feeling that his voice should be familiar. It sounded like… like… Carlisle’s voice, but different.

“Who are you?” I croaked, trying to turn my head towards him.

“A very old friend of Carlisle’s.” The voice said, somewhat amused. I coughed.

“What happened? I remember hitting my head on a rock.” More memories came flooding back, “Where’s Edward?” I sounded panicked.

“Edward is safe. So are the rest of the Cullens.” The voice sneered with a dangerous edge. I wasn’t reassured.

I heard a commotion in the hallway. Jasper burst into the room, his face livid.

“You can’t keep her here!” He shouted at the still unknown stranger above me.

“Oh? And why not?” He asked Jasper.

“I don’t want to stay.” I said weakly. Jasper glanced at my cold, shivering form. I winced when a shiver hurt my scars. With how crappy I was feeling, I wouldn’t be surprised if my bright, icy blue eyes were dull and pale.

The stranger walked to the window, turning his back on Jasper. Jasper grabbed me with his inhuman speed and strength, then dashed out the door. I shivered in his arms, and fought back an onslaught of memories. I felt Jasper trying to calm me emotionally, but I was numb. I couldn’t feel it. Yes, just like the song I was listening to the other day, I was sick of feeling numb. It had barely started, and I was sick of it. The last thing I heard before slipping into darkness was jasper -- saying everything would be ok.

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