Behind Blue Eyes Chapter 6

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“EMMETT! MAKE ROSALIE GIVE ME MY SKETCHPAD BACK!” I shrieked through the whole house. Emmett appeared next to Rosalie, and pried her fingers off of my sketchpad. Emmett was whispering something into her ear, she finally let go of my sketchpad, and Emmett put an arm around her and tossed me the pad of paper. I snatched it out of the air on slammed it into a drawer. I was mumbling that I would kill her if she ever did that again when Jasper interrupted my rant.

“You shouldn’t mess with Rosalie. She doesn’t go down easily; and when she does go down, she takes somebody with her.” I gave him a glance that said I didn’t really care. I grabbed some fingerless gloves out of my closet one told Jasper I was going to go punch something. He nodded and left.

Somewhere outside I let my crutches fall to the ground and slid my gloves onto my hands. I took half a step closer to the tree and punched it. It didn’t hurt. I had specially made gloves. They were supposed to reduce all impacts. I started with my hand by my side; like when your jogging and you swing your arms, your fingers face you ribs. Then I lashed my arm out, twisting so that my knuckles faced down by the time they hit the tree. I felt better every time I heard a resounding thud from the tree.

When I got tired I grabbed my crutches and swung back to the house. I grabbed a water from the fridge and worked my way upstairs. I picked my sketchpad out of the cluttered draw I put it in.

I drew myself in a boxing stance, wearing a tank top and my fingerless gloves. My face looked concentrated, competitive, determined, and victorious. Alice walked in while I was sketching. I glanced up but paid no mind to her.

“Jasper said you were really good at drawing, can I see?” she was nearly bouncing by the time she said she wanted to see. She reminded me of a little kid.

I sigh. “Sure.” I tossed the pad at her and leaned back into my bed. She flipped through the pages. She stopped at the one of Edwards’ dead body her eyes widened and I cringed.

“Who is that?” she asked horrified.

“Edward. He was my best friend, we were exploring in the woods and we went in some old tunnels. He fell off a ledge.” Alice quickly flipped the page. She glanced at the dream puppy, the ponies on the beach and got to the ones of the crash. She sucked in a quick breath at the first picture. I closed my eyes and turned away while she looked through them. “How can you remember this much?” Alice inquired the earlier horror still in her voice.

“I have a good memory for anything that hurts me. But I can rarely remember the pleasant things. So I try to draw them before I forget. There aren’t many of the good memories in that sketchpad. A lot of them are in the pad that got thrown out. Some kids at school didn’t like me drawing anything.” She looked like she was trying to find a reason that people wouldn’t like me drawing. I rolled back onto my side and fell asleep as she looked through more sketches.

When I woke up, there was sunlight shining through the window. I looked through the large window and the trees became a light green as the sun soaked into their leaves. I got up excited, I couldn’t wait to get in the sun!

After a shower I made my way downstairs. Man I was really getting sick of this stupid cast! In the kitchen I grabbed some cereal and a bowl, too tired to make eggs and toast. AppleJacks were not my favorite. As I washed out my bowl, I heard the piano playing. I set the bowl down and swung myself into the living room. Edward was playing a complex piece, his fingers caressing the keys. I stood in the doorway, listening.

“I know your out there, you might as well come in.” He called. I blushed and swung into the room and over to the piano. As the song ended, he looked up at me with a weird expression.

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