New girl

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(one month later)

Justin has been coming to this school for a month now and during all of that time, it's been a living hell.

In all of the time that Justin has been coming here, he's squeezed my ass every chance he got without anyone noticing, fell on me on purpose just so he can feel me up and in class too, he nearly tried to rape me again in a closest but thankfully I made it out and so on. Justin is the devil in my life. Torturing me with the things he is doing and never letting me forget that night.

Blake and I were in the hallway talking by our lockers, waiting for class to start, when I noticed a new girl walking in the school.

She looked pretty cool especially her hair, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a neon blue tutu, a pair of Ed Hardy skull shoes, and a neon color ribcage t-shirt.

She was clenching a black binder against her chest. She seemed really nervous about something, probably being at a new school.

"So, if you had to choose between your laptop and ipod, what will it be?" Blake asked me bring my attention back to him.

"Easy, I'll just buy an I-phone, it has both," I answered giving him a smirk.

"I guess th- Hey, you just thought around the answer," Blake accused me.

"Yep," I smirked.

I looked over to the new girl again and that's when I noticed Justin had his whole body practically pressed against the girl against the lockers but the problem was. . .she wasn't liking it. She looked as if she was trying to get away from him. Suddenly, Justin kissed her. Everyone else didn't even notice this, they probably thought they were just some couple making out or having some 'fun'. When Justin pulled away , she was the verge of tears but Justin was enjoying this. Can't anyone notice what Justin is doing to this poor girl? How much of a monster he is? I yelled in my head.

Justin's hands started roaming around the girl's body. Before it went too far, I told Blake to hold on for a minute and ran over to help the girl.

"Sorry, I need to borrow her for a sec," I told Justin quickly grabbing the girl's wrist. When she saw me there was relief in her eyes.

Justin just gave me a death glare. "You know her?"

"Yea, we go way back, right, uh. . ." I tried to think of a name until I spotted her silver Rose necklace, "Rose?" She just nodded.

Before Justin could say anything else, I pulled Rose away from him. I pulled her to where Blake was looking at me confused.

"What happened and whose this?" Blake questioned, pointing to the girl.

"Rose," she greeted herself.

"Oh cool, I got it right," I laughed at myself. "I'm Felicity but you can call me Felly, nice hair by the way," I told her.

"Thanks," she said.

"And the good looking guy right here is yours truly Blake," Blake introduced himself flashing a smile towards her. Rose laughed.

"Or your can just call him Benjamin," I told her instead. Blake shuddered at the sound of his middle name, he hates that name.

"No, you can call me Blake," Blake stated.

"Benjamin," I said.

"Blake," Blake turned towards me.

"Benjamin," I turned towards him.

"Are you guys seriously fighting over a name?" Rose questioned. "I think I'll just call you Benji."