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If you already read this please skip to the next chapter but if not continue reading. :)

This is my new story and I hope you like it!

I got the idea from one of my favourite book by Meg Cabot, it’s called The Mediator. It’s just an inspiration from the book and I am not trying to copy the book.

Hope you like it. :)

Reminder everything that is type with Italic style are things she is thinking to herself which gonna happen a lot.


“Sweetie, it’s time to go!” my mum, Sue said at the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m coming!” I shout back, with a final twirl in front of the mirror I smiled satisfied with my looks.

My hair was half up-do not bothering to straight my natural curls seeing there was no point for it. Wearing my favourite short denim short and black kaftans that hide my bikini and my favourite pair of flip-flops I was ready to go to the beach.

Running down the stairs I met with my parents in the car. “How can you be so slow and is that a bikini I see under that top?” my older brother, Aidan said. “Are you even old enough for a bikini? I mean look at you! You don’t even have boobs yet!”

That hurts like someone just threw a can at me. “Hey!” my older sister and Aidan’s twin sister, Amy said as she smacks the back of Aidan’s head. “Don’t be so nasty!”

I smiled sincerely at Amy, glad to have her as my older sister. Aidan cuss at Amy earning a scolding from mum and dad.

A familiar song blared through the speaker and not long after we all singing even Aidan who thinks it’s gay [A/N; No offence to the gays and I love you guys, you rock! :)].

This is how our family is, we can bond together without feeling embarrass hanging out with our parents. We’re a happy family that nothing can separate us apart.

Or so I thought.

Hi, my name is Jillian Joyce Valentine, my family once calls me Jill and some of my friends calls me JJ.

My older siblings Aidan and Amy they’re twins and they were sixteen while my parents were both in their forties while I just turn ten three months ago. As you can see I used the past tense because they died the day we were going out to the beach.

I was the only survivor of the accident, got out with a broken right arm and a few scratches from the broken glass, the doctors said it was a miracle but I don’t believe that. I was there and I saw and heard everything.

My mum screaming while my dad continues to cuss and tries to regain control of the car.

Aidan and Amy tried to protect me and calm me, telling me that everything would be alright. Then I don’t remember anything besides waking up in a hospital room.

Now, I just turn fifteen two months ago, five years since the accident, five years of mourning, five years moving around relative to relative, five years of getting in trouble and five years of being able to see ghost.

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