~Chapter 1~ Breaking Up Inside

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Readers POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I look up at the night sky above me as time ticks slowly and along with my heart forming a secret melody in my mind. While Paris, France may be the city of love my now broken heart belongs in London, where both I and my career were born. I never thought that modeling would have me move permanently, I went to fashion show after fashion show around the world but even then I had not to move. I may be in France but my life is in London, my friends, my relatives, and my father's grave. I cringed as the scene of his murder replayed in my mind like a movie, that bullet was for me, he pushed me out of the way and a burst of crimson covered the white-carpet as a scream erupted from my lungs, and like that he was gone. The stars became blurry as a drop of sorrow formed in my eye distorting my vision, until I heard a soft whisper and a gentle reassuring hug around my neck.

"It's okay, Y/N, he died for you because he loves you, now you have to honor his sacrifice by fighting the forces of evil...no matter where you are,"the small wolf spoke trying to stop my tears and not form her own.

"Thanks, Midnight, I guess I needed to let out some emotions, I-.....It's all just new to me now," I spoke to the kwami in a whisper so no one heard but the two fuzzy ears that were slightly drooped just as our hearts were.

I yawned and changed into my pajamas before slipping underneath my covers and singing myself to sleep as the darkness made harmony with each note as my voice sailed through the sea of silence that surrounded me and my fairy-like companion, and with every word my heart ached for someone outside these walls to hear my sorrowful swan song.

A fire needs a space to burn
A breath to build a glow
I've heard it said a thousand times
But now I know

That you don't know what you've got
Oh you don't know what you've got
No you don't know what you've got
Until it's gone
Until it's gone
Until it's gone...

And with that, I fell into unconsciousness allowing sleep to take me somewhere far from this life I lived and into a world where happiness could never be overcome as there was no such thing as sorrow and grief.

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