Dead to me.

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3 months earlier

"Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. " the crowd chanted around me as I threw my head back to down another shot.

I'm your typical party girl and I can be found on every party scene. I mean I'm in high school why not live it up.

My name is Jordan Kyle and I'm 17. I'm a Junior at Crestwood High home of the Panthers. I get good grades but I'm still able to maintain my social status including my quarterback boyfriend Alex Height. We've been together almost two years and were planning on going to college together and hopefully starting a life together from there.

Speaking of my super hot boyfriend I seen him making his way through the crowd of people toward me. "Hey baby." He smiled as he spoke. He leaned in to talk in my ear over the roaring music "I have to go, I have practice in the morning."

I pulled my face back to make eye contact and made a pouty face sticking my bottom lip out. He laughed back at my actions "stop you know I would love to stay with you but I have to be up early."

I sighed playfully and crossed my arms over my chest "fine."

Alex wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. When he touched me is sent tingles through my entire body "do you want a ride home."

"No I don't want to leave yet." I said not even feeling my buzz yet. There was definitely more party left in me.

"Okay fine but you've been drinking so no driving."

I nodded my head and leaned against the counter behind me "yeah, yeah"

"Jordan I'm serious. Give me your keys."

I didn't argue because I knew he would win. And it was for the best considering I already had a DUI on my record that I got a month after I turned 16. I had too much to drink at a party and when I tried to drive home I crashed into a tree. Nobody was hurt except me. I spent the night in the hospital but left with bruised ribs and a minor concussion.

You bet I got hell at home for that one. But to my parents I'm the good kid my older brother is the one they have to worry about so they let it ago as long as I promised never to put my life in danger like that again.

But to my brother I'm not heaven sent. He knows the party's I go to, he's at most of them, and he knows the people I hang out with. He keeps a close eye on me. Part of it is his protective older brother instinct and the other part is him waiting for me to slip up so he can tell mom and dad and rub it in my face.

I didn't hesitate to pull my keys out of my front pocket and hand them over. I looked across the room and saw my brother, Evan, watching our exchange. I dangle the keys next to my face and then set them in Alex's hand looking at Evan the whole time. He gave me the nod of approval and tipped the bottom of his cup up.

"Thank you." Alex kissed my cheek "I'll see you tomorrow after practice. Let me know when you get home or if you're staying here."

"Yes sir." He smiled and then he made his way through the crowd of sweaty drunk bodies.

"Jordan." My best friend Madison, whose party this happened to be, practically fell into my body as she spoke. She was wasted.

"Are you okay?" I asked her when I tried to pull her to her feet.

"I'm great. Yep, never been better." There was a long pause as she stood and smiled.

"Did you need something?" I said snapping her out of her happy trance.

"Yes you're needed at the beer pong table to be my partner."

I could never turn down a good game of beer pong. We made our way to the basement hand in hand sure not to lose each other.

On the other end of the table stood none other than the Cameron Dallas.

My history with Mr. Dallas ended tragically about three years ago and we haven't spoken since.

Growing up Cameron lived two houses down. He still does but I try not to acknowledge the fact that he even exists, basically he's dead to me.

When we first met in kindergarten he pushed me off of my chair and I stood up and socked him right in the nose. When we sat in the office waiting for the principal to finish her lecture to our parents we started talking. We were young so the conversation wasn't anything interesting just that we both had brown eyes and slept with a teddy bear.

A few days later I asked my mom if Cameron could come over for a play date. That afternoon him and his mom walked down the street to meet us. These play dates became regular every weekend and after that me and Cam did everything together.

In middle school we drifted apart a little bit when he hung out with they guys and I hung out with the girls. But every Friday we would have movie nights or go out for pizza. We always made time for each other no matter what.

Well that was until freshman year of high school hit. We were both trying to figure out what cliques we fit into and from there we went our separate ways. Let's just say the people he hung out with didn't clash with the people I hung out with. From there something big went down that i swore I would never bring up and that's how our friendship ended.

Now looking him in the eyes I felt a ping of sadness stab through my heart. But I swallowed hard and stepped up to the table.

He is dead to me. I repeated the words in my head just to reassure myself.

"You go first." Madison half slurred at me. I held out my hand for her to place the ball. I held it between three fingers and launched across the table. It splashed directly into the back left cup and droplets landed on Cameron's shirt.

"Okay." He said with a smirk.

God I missed his voice. I can't even remember the last time I seen him. We go to the same school but Crestwood is huge I don't even know half of the kids there.

No. You can't think about him like that. He didn't even try to stop them. He just let them tou—

"DAMN." Madi screamed when the ball landed in the center cup and it was her turn to drink.

I laughed as she could barely hold herself up. When she lifted the cup and tipped her head back to drink her whole body followed landing straight on the ground behind her.

I covered my mouth trying not to laugh but the buzz was kicking in and this was hilarious. Cameron had run around the table to help her up so I helped him lift her. "We should probably get her to bed." He spoke so softly.

I nodded my head and started towards her room while he followed. When we got to her second floor bedroom he laid her in her bed and tucked her into her comforter. On our way out he closed the door quietly behind us.

That was supposed to be it. We weren't supposed to have anything to do with each other from there. But when I went to walk away his warm hand gripped my wrist. "Jordan wait." I turned my head back at him and looked coldly into his beautiful brown eyes. My eyes flashed back in forth from him and his hand wrapped around my wrist.

He got the hint and released me. I didn't say anything I just crossed my arms. "Okay so no talking. How about I just take you home."

I needed to be home soon and he did live right down the street. I shook my head in agreement. But after this he is dead again.

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