(His P.O.V.) He Acts Like He Hates You

(Y/L/N- Your last name)

These are the same preferences from earlier, except they are from his point of view, so you get to see and experience his thoughts and feelings when he was acting like he hated you! Sorry if you think this is stupid but I had fun doing them so :P Also, sorry the update took so long, but I wrote them and then they didn't save and then I cried and ugh so much frustration. So enjoy & comment what you think(:


Louis: "Eww why the hell is Y/N here?" I say in a flat tone as she walks through he door into Harry's flat. I don't hate her, I'm actually really glad she is here, but I started joking around with her a few months ago about hating her, and she thought I was serious. One year ago, she got her asshole of a boyfriend Jake who absolutely treats her like trash, and it is so frustrating. Someone as perfect as her deserves someone who is going to treat her like a princess, she needs someone who is going to treasure her for who she is, someone like me. I watched as she simply rolled her eyes at me almost as if she was expecting the comment. I smirk a little at her reaction, knowing that there is so much she doesn't know. I watch as she pulls Harry and the rest of the boys in for a giant hug each, and I could feel the envy and jealousy rush through me. She sat down on the sofa next to me, and pulled out her phone when it vibrated. I didn't mean to, but I found myself reading the message along with her. I roll my eyes when I see that the message is from Jake. "You're great but this isn't going to work out. Sorry love but its over between us. It was fun while it lasted, but I've moved on and now you need to also" The message read. What an idiot. He just broke up with the most perfect girl, he did, he lost her. She stands up and tosses her phone to the sofa where she was previously sat. She looks at me and then her attention diverts to the rest of the boys as she forces back tears. I watch as the pain completely over takes her as she struggle to push out her next sentence. "I uhm... I'm just going to- excuse me" She says as she turns and runs to the restroom and locks herself in there. Harry directs his attention to me as if I had caused the eventful moment. I threw the phone to him as I said "That fucking asshole, he dumped her, over a damn text message." I say as I ran my fingers through my already messy hair. "and she is still going to love him. No matter what, because that's who she is, that's what she does. No matter how poorly he treated her through the entire year." About 15 minutes later Y/N came back downstairs and looked at us with mascara smudged under her eyes. All of us were just staring at her, and I could tell she felt a little awkward. As broken as she was, she still forced a smile, and I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. She walked into the kitchen and I decided to follow. "Scare off another one, love?" I ask her in a sarcastic tone. She looked up at me with hurt, and allowed a single tear to escape her beautiful blue eyes and cascade down her cheek. I immediately regretted the comment I made, not realizing how she would take it, even though I should have. "Yeah Lou, I scared off another one. please continue making me feel like shit. Please try to take something else away from me because it won't work anymore, everything has just been torn away from me." she said while staring down at me. I could practically hear my heart breaking inside my chest. Never, I never meant to take something away, I never meant to hurt her. It was all a joke. "Uhm, I think I'll go, I'm just... not feeling well." She said more to the boys than to me. She ignored Harry's pleading for her to stay as she grabbed her purse. She opened the door and turned and gave Harry an 'It's okay' smile and exited the flat. I was right behind her, I couldn't let her leave... Who knew what might happen if I let her go again. The second the door was about to closed behind her, I opened it again. I grab her arm and turn her around quickly to face me, but her attention was still stuck on the ground. "Harry dammit, let me go." She said as she slowly looked up at me, and was clearly shocked to see me, rather than Harry. I hadn't even noticed the tears begging for release until she looked at me. "I'm sorry." "It's whatever.." she said as she shrugged my grip off of her arm. I hated to see her like this, but I hated it more knowing that I helped to cause her to be like this. "No. It's not whatever. I didn't mean it. I guess I was just jealous of your boyfriend..." I say letting it sink in that I had just revealed my biggest secret to the girl that needed to hear it the most. "What? Why?" "Maybe because he got to come home and hold you close and be able to call you his every night, while I have to sit here and watch you two be together and feel my heart break every single day. Then when he broke up with you, I don't know. I just...... messed up. I'm really sorr-" I was cut off by her soft lips being pressed against mine. "You talk to much." She said looking up at me and smirking. I smile softly and grab her hips gently as I pull her closer to me. "Let's do that again." I say while tucking my hand behind her ear and pulling her to me one more time.

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