Auditions Q&A

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Can I try after failing?

All dropouts are welcome to try out again. We hope to see you more improved.

How will I be notified of acceptance?

Only the successful applicants will be notified within 3 weeks of assessment. We will contact you personally through the phone number stated in the application. Overseas residents who are not available by phone will be notified by e-mail.

Do I become a trainee right after passing the online audition?

Once you pass the online audition, you will take an individual audition in the JYP Center. Only the final selections shall have the opportunity to participate in the education program of JYP Entertainment.

Can I apply with my friend as a team?

As many as 5 people can apply as a team. All team members should register an online application. If the video or sound recording work is done together, one member can upload the material on behalf of the team.

How can I check my registered application?

Click on the [verify application] under the quick menu on the left side of the JYP Online Audition page, and you can check and correct your registered application and attachment files after logging in. However, the application cannot be deleted once registered.

I cannot find the attachment file I uploaded.

The pictures, videos and sound files attached with the application will be deleted within 7 days after assessment. When the assessment is complete, the JYPE Rookie Development Team will leave a comment. You can check it out on the [verify application] page.

Do other people see my video?

Only the applicant and JYPE Rookie Development Team have access to the application contents of JYP Online Audition.

I cannot upload the video.

The attachment file capacity is limited to 50MB. If the file exceeds that limit, it will not be uploaded, so please check beforehand.

Must I upload all picture, video and sound files?

You should upload at least one of the three in order to apply. Upload, at least, one file that suits your area of application. For instance, if you are applying for vocal, you need not upload a dancing video.

Can I apply for one area only?

You can upload a video or sound attachment file when applying for the JYP Online Audition.

Show us everything you've got, including singing, dancing and performing.

Must I register as a member in order to apply?

You can also apply as a non-member. However, then you will not be given the benefits offered to the members.

Those of you applying as a member can check and correct the registered application and attachment files through [verify application]. Also, you can check the assessment comments of the JYPE Rookie Development Team.

 Can I apply even if I am not residing overseas?

The JYP Online Audition is applicable regardless of the time and place. It is open to everyone in and out of the country.

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