Gorgeous was an understatement

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Arielle's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror for the final time and decided I was finally happy. I had my long jet black hair dead straight and I had all my make up done, eyeshadow and everything. I had long black winged eyeliner on and a pink/nude colour eyeshadow. I did my foundation and contour and then finished with some matte nude lipstick. I filled my eyebrows in perfectly and then adjusted my black nose ring. I was then wearing a long black shirt which I left as a dress as I had fake tanned my legs the night before. I threw on my leather jacket and then slipped on my over the knees boots which were also black. I grabbed my phone and took a couple of selfies and finally posted on on Instagram.

"Hey guys it's me Ari" I smiled as I turned on the vlogging camera. By the way I am Arielle, and well apparently I'm famous on YouTube. See I wouldn't really say famous because you don't see me being chased my paparazzi everyday and people crying over me. Anyway basically I have just over 11 million subscribers so I guess you could say I'm doing alright.

"So today I am heading over to Joe and Caspars flat to help Caspar pack his final things" I smiled to the camera "so I am meeting Zoe and Alfie at the station and then we are going over there, so I am already an hour late so I guess we should be leaving" I then said turning it back off and placing it somewhere in my bag

To: Zoe

Will be there in 2 minutes X

So I live alone in a flat in the middle of London but I am looking for a bigger place more nearer Joe and that lot just so it's easier to go out and all that. Me and Zoe have been so close ever since we started YouTube, even though I am younger then her I started doing YouTube for about a year before she started and then we just kinda stumbled across eachother some how and then just suddenly became friends. And then from there of course we became friends with Alfie, Marcus, Joe, Caspar and all of that

"ZOEEEEEEEEE!" I squealed from one end of the platform as I saw her and Alfie speaking on the other end, I did a half walk half job type of thing towards them and gave them both a hug

"Oh my god you are so on time!" Alfie said in a sarcastic tone

"Asshole" I replied with as he just laughed. The train arrived and we jumped on all taking a seat, there was only about 7 stops in the train so it wasn't that bad but it wasn't the most convenient.

"So who's actually going to be there?" Zoe asked

"Well Joe told me that it's You, Me, Alfie, Joe, Caspar, Oli, Conor and Jack" I said reading out a text Joe had sent me this morning

"Oh I've never met Conor or Jack" Zoe said kinda nervously

"I've met them very briefly but not enough to know them really" I said back

"Ah there really nice trust me" Alfie said. Conor  and Jack were brothers. Conor has just hit 1 million subscribers and Jack has only just started up but I think he's doing pretty well. I'm guessing Alfie has gone on a boys night out with them.

After a train journey and a short walk we arrived at Joe's house. I pulled my camera out before I rung the bell

"Joseph!" I shouted as he pretended to look shocked as if he didn't know who was going to be at the door. I gave him a hug

"You alright darling" I said whilst then hugging Caspar who seemed a little sad. He just smiled and nodded

"Oliverrrrrr" I then said longing out the r and then giving him a large bear hug.

"Hi Arielle right?" A guy came up to me with brown hair and a mole under his eye

"Yeah Conor?" I said back more as a question. He nodded and then I have him a hug

"Hi, Jack" the final boy said to me. He had messy blonde hair with brown roots. Bright blue eyes and a nose ring like mine. Gorgeous was an understatement. I then gave him a hug, he smelt good too which was a plus.

"Right what first?" Zoe said first after we finally finished our hellos

"Yeah erm we just need to put everything in Caspars room into these boxes" Joe said. I already knew this was going to be harder then it sounds.

"Fuck this is heavier then it looks" I said struggling very hard

"I got you" Jack came over to me quick supporting the other end of Caspars Apple Mac. I thanked him and then placed the computer into the box and then stuffed some tissue into the box, cello tapping it closed

"Dream team" Jack said in a camp voice holding his hand up for a high five. Funny is well. I like

"You know it girl" I replied back in the same tone he spoke to me in and then high giving him.

"Right this is the last box" Zoe said flattening out the last piece of tape on a box

"Never again am I doing that" Oli said huffing sitting on the bed

"Yeah trust me I am getting someone to do this for me" I laughed sitting on the floor

"When you moving?" Caspar asked

"When I decide on a place" I laughed "I can't choose between 2 so me and Zoe are going too look at them tomorrow" I smiled

"Right erm dinner?" Alfie walked in with Joe

"Yeah nandos?" Conor said. We all agreed and got up

"We're gonna need to cars aren't we?" I huffed. They all nodded.

"Okay me and Zoe will go get my car, we will be like half an hour" I said and then walked out with Zoe.

"Jacks proper hot" I said to Zoe as we got to my car. I unlocked it and got in. I love cars and always have so I saved up for a car before I saved up for a place to live. I loved my Range Rover more then people most of the time.

"I could see you twos together" Zoe said looking in the mirror at her hair

"Maybe" I half laughed

Joe's POV

We were all just sat around the tv playing some Fifa whilst we waited for Zoe and Arielle to come back.

"Arielle's nice" Jack spoke up on his phone

"Nice yeah" Oli said wiggling his eyebrows. Everyone agreed that Arielle was the hottest girl on YouTube easily but no one has ever got with her. I don't think anyone has because they see her more as a sister maybe?

"What do you mean?" Jack laughed

"No one ever describes Ari as nice" I laughed chucking everyone a beer

"Yeah she's nice" Jack repeated going a shade of red.

Even if Jack and Ari got together Lord let him know not to fuck her over.

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