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Lee's P.O.V

Standing in Mike's front yard with my mate Tom next to me with his black hair hanging shaggy in his puppy brown eyes. Tom was taller than me at 6.2ft. Soul and Mike were loading everyone's bags into the back of his small family bus while Josh was chatting with Abbey over by the front and Ellie and Jamie were laughing inside the bus, already claiming seats. Buses made me feel sick, like sick to the OMG GET ME OUT OF HERE I AM GONNA VOM EVERYWHERE! So I wasn't looking forward to the four hour ride to the lake, but hopefully it would be fine... so long as I had a window seat and didn't stop talking.

Mike, who I'd just met about ten minutes ago, came over to me. He was shorter than me with short brown hair that was spiked up into a Mo-hawk.

“Ready?” he asked me, taking the backpack from my hand and slinging it over one shoulder. I looked up at Tom who was grinning at me and then I nodded to Mike.

“Sure,” I said. Mike nodded and turned to everyone, raising his arms to get their attention.

“Everyone get your hairy butts on that bus now or I'm leaving without you,” he called and then winked over his shoulder at me and hopped on the bus. Sluggishly we all piled onto the bus and Mike revved the engine from the driver's seat. Soul, Ellie and Jamie sat on the back seat of the mini bus, I sat on the next seat down with my legs spread out and my back to the window and Josh sat opposite me. On the next seats down were Tom and Abbey.

Ten minutes later we were on the road.

“Who wants to sing a song?” Josh called out to everyone over the roar of the old bus engine. Some of the others groaned in unison.

“Lee will, won't you Lee,” Soul grinned evilly at me. I scowled and shook my head, crossing my arms over my chest and pouting.

“i most certainly will not,” I growled back to him.

“Come on Lee, you're a great singer,” Josh beamed at me. I blushed.

“And since when did you hear me sing?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Josh turned his head away guiltily.

“When you had a shower at my place,” Josh winked at Soul.

“WHAT?” I cried, my face getting hot.

“Don't change the subject and hurry up and sing,” Soul ordered. I poked my tongue out at him.

“Bite me,” I snarled. Soul glared at me for a moment and then jumped over the back of my seat at me. I squealed and leaped over the next one, falling onto Tom. I jumped into the aisle of the bus and ran to the front. Soul ran after me and jumped on my back, forcing me into one of the front seats.

“Get back in your seats,” Mike yelled, “Don't make me turn this bus around!” Everyone burst out laughing while I leaped over the next row of seats heading back up the bus. I landed with a stop in Josh's lap as Soul reached the back of the bus and I put my feet up on his chest to stop him reaching down to me.

“Sing,” he ordered and grabbed my shoes, ripping them off.

“NO!” I shouted. Josh wrapped his arms around my chest and put his mouth to my ear.

“Try and escape now,” he chuckled softly. I wriggled, trying to break free, but Soul had my feet and was tickling them, they were my weakness.

Damn you feet!

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