Chapter 14

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"Ashton, I can't," I murmer. My wings wrapping around my body as I feel a bit cold. My body suddenly being pulled into Ashton's warm embrace. His arms sending sparks all over my body.

Ashton frowns a bit. He slowly places his hand on my huge wings. Brushing over them. I close my eyes and lay my head on his neck.

It feels so good.

"You can Gabriel, don't be worried. You're my mate, my alpha," Ashton says. I can hear the smile in his voice. (A/N I won't be calling Gabriel his luna so deal with it XD)

I gasp slightly when he runs his hand over a spot I didn't know's that sensitive.

"Intresting," He murmers. His hand brushing over the spot again. I bit my lip and wrap my arms around his waist. Hugging him tightly.

"Stop," I breath into his neck. The sensitivity of my wings taking over my body. My legs feel like jelly and my wings are dying to be petted and loved.

"Nah, I quiet enjoy this," Ashton says. I swear I can hear the smirk in his voice.

I breathe out shakily while he keeps carresing my wings, his fingers are teasing me.

Suddenly he pull away and I groan. "Stop touching my wings," I whisper against his warm skin.

I hear him chuckle a bit but stops anyways.

"Come on Gabriel, we got to get to school. I need an education," He murmer. I huff a bit.

"You're going to be alpha, don't think you need school," I murmer softly. Ashton just chuckles.

He lifts my head up, making our eyes connect. His brown eyes gently staring into my blue green.

"You're supposed to be a good angel Gabriel. I don't think you saying I don't need school is good for your angelness," He smirks. I blush and look away.

Ashton chuckles and grabs my hand.

"Come on babe, we got to get to school," He murmers, placing a kiss on my temple. I smile at the sparks.

He's so sweet.


"My brother is so embarrasing!" I exclaim as Theo grins at the both of us. Ashton laughs loudly, drawing even more attention to us. I blush even further as he pinches my flustered cheeks.

"Don't be embarrased babe. He's your brother," Ashton smirks. A mischevious look glinting in his eyes.

I groan and hidd my face in my hands. Stupid mate and brother. "He's a cocky angel that likes making my life a cliché movie."

Ashton chuckles and hugs me tightly.

"Don't worry babe, I got you."

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