Break A Leg

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I decided to upload the story i wrote for my writers guild application. I hope you enjoy :)


This is the year I walk onto that stage, the year I show people what I've got. Nothing can stand in my way of perfecting my dream. I pace back and forth back stage. I'm waiting for my turn for hair and makeup. My hands are sweating and shaking as I nervously tug at my ponytail. I have never been this nervous for anything before. Not even that time I had to go on that roller coaster.

"Reese, it's your turn," called my best friend Emma.

"I know, I'm coming." I say.

"You look a little sick." She says as she backs up afraid that I might get sick on her.

"I'm fine, I don't know what you're talking about. I might be a little nervous though. Okay, a lot nervous." I say quickly. I quickly get my hair and makeup done. The whole time I sat in the chair I couldn't stop thinking about what was to come. I go to the back room to grab my costume for the play Flipped. I have a bad feeling about these pants, I just can't put my finger on it. Deciding there is something wrong I look at the tag. Shocked to realize that it's two sizes two small, defiantly not my costume. Franticly I search for the culprit. This was no accident, my mother always said "Never trust theatre people, they're too weird." I see the lights begin to dim and I know that we need to take our places on stage. I look at the pants and decide they will have to do. I jump into them like a ballet dancer in the Nutcracker finale. Running with the pants halfway down, I get into my place in left wing and pull them up just as the curtain rises. Phew, just in time before Missy our tattle-tale stage manager rounds the corner to make sure I'm set.

The first lines are said and I know it's almost my cue. A nervous calm washes through my stomach. What could go wrong? I think to myself. I've rehearsed this a million times. I step center stage to my cued position. I mentally clear my throat, open my mouth and hear a voice that is not mine. From mid-section my annoying brother Andy smirks that irritating, arrogant, know-it-all grin of his. Before I can utter my words, he points and says, "Reese, your barn door is open!"

Yeah right imp, I think to myself as I instinctively reach for the front of these jeans. He can't fool me this time. Right as a discover the broken zipper on my costumed jeans, the entire audience bursts out in raucous laughter. I can feel the heat rise into my cheeks as the gasp escapes from my lips. My life flashes before my eyes as I realize the entire room is staring at me, and not in the way I would like them to. The side prompter is yelling my line over and over again. The curtain she is standing behind has blocked her view from the horrible incident that has ruined my entire life. The grin on my brother's face leads me to believe that the little brat had something to do with this.

I flip my ponytail back, pull my fringe vest around the front, stare down my brother and deliver my opening line with the conviction of a death row inmate giving his last testimony before receiving the lethal injection. By now the audience has subsided its laughter, and my brother has lost some of his smirk. I walk across the stage and steal the show once more before exiting the perfect show. As they say in the business, "The show must go on."

As I'm striping my makeup off, my parents come back stage to congratulate me and hand me roses. "Did your brother tell you to break a leg when he came backstage before the show started?" My mother asks proudly.

"As a matter a fact he did." I say with a devilish grin set on revenge. He's gonna pay for this.

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