Christian Coma Quotes

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Here is my third BVB quote book and it will have 7 quotes by C.C. (that's all I could find) Please enjoy! (:


"There will be haters. We take that as a challenge to prove ourselves one way or another and I hope we will make some new fans."

"Being yourself is fun because you're one of a kind and no one else can be you."

"You can never control a wild heart no matter how hard you try."

"I really can't help but laugh at myself sometimes...I mean the words that jump out of my mouth. You really can't take life too seriously."

"Real people do what they want...not what they can." Make it happen and live as you should."

"Everything happens for a reason and although it may not seem like it sometimes, you are exactly where you should be. Make the best of it."

"Don't give a sh*t about what everyone says. Whatever they call you. F*ck them, who cares? Do your own thing."

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