Its been 3 months since I seen Roc he's been on tour so finally I get to see him tonight .So I decided to do something special since my parents will be out of town for a couple of months. i have been planning it for awhile now i wanted to make him a nice dinner and sit down and watch movies the rest of the night .And soon as i was setting the table i got a text from Roc.


Roc:Hey Babe i will be coming home real late today sorry the boys are throwing a little after tour party :(, But when i come home i have a surprise for you i love you.

YN:oh okay and i love you too:)

Roc:so your okay with it ?

YN:yeah totally have fun bye

Roc:okay bye


I know i lied im not okay with it i have been planning this for to long so i guess ill just go to bed then to get my mind off of how angry i am.


I feel bad for not coming home to see YN but i think she's not that mad but i got her a nice neckless with her name ingraved in it with diamonds around it so i think she wont be mad anymore well if she is .

And while i was getting a drink ray tap me on the shoulder.

Ray:Ayee roc look aint that your ex right there lookin fine as ever ?

Roc:yeah just don't look at her i don't want her to see me!!

???:hey roc

Roc:hey Ashlynn(doing a fake smile)

Ashlynn:so wheres your lil girlfriend at ?

Roc:her house(saying angrily)

Ashlynn:well no need to get angry Rocky ( saying it like a baby)

Roc:dont call me that we are done me and YN are together

Ashlynn:well i would treat you better than she ever will(getting on top of him)

Roc:Bye Ashlynn nice talkin to you

(i decided to skip to the end of the party)


so i walked into the house and saw that everything was set up there was a whole bunch of movies in the tv room and the dinning room was set up very nice so decided to go up to YN room to see if she was there.


i woke up to see roc come through the door

Roc:hey baby

YN:hey (giving him the biggest hug and kiss ever )

Roc:did you miss me ?

YN:of course i did

Roc:i got you something (pulls neckless from his pocket)

YN:omg its beautiful roc i love you so much (giving him a kiss)

Roc: im glad you do well im real tired so can i stay here tonight ?

YN: sure


i could feel roc rapping his arms around me i felt so protected and like nothing could break us up ever.


i woke up and saw that roc wasn't there i saw a note that said went to the conjunction house love you


so i decided to go to the conjunction to see what the boys were up to.

Roc:Hey yall

TheBoys: hey

Prod: Where were you last night ?

Roc: oh was at YN house

Ray: Yeah you and YN was getting in last night wasn't you

Everybody except roc laughed

Roc:shutup yall just mad cuz yall aint got nobody to give it to!!

Roc: well im gonna go take a shower



*knock knock*

prinecton:ill get it

???:hey is roc here

Princeton:yeah hes right up stairs idk if he wants you in tho

???:oh its okay he called me and told me to come

Princeton:kayy(lets in)


so i get out the shower with nothing but a towel on and then somebody came through the door




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