The bully ProdxRoc

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Prod is the school nerd no one talks to him everyone bully's him and the worst part is he is Gay the one that bully's him the most is the captain of the football team Chersanto August Aka Roc he bully's prod the most out of everybody Prod doesn't know why.. Prod was at his locker getting ready to go home when his locker got slam by the roc prod roll his eyes and walk away chres walked behind him and grab his arm Prod snatch his arm back and countine walking chres pinned prod to the lockers.

Chres: aww u want act all tough now huh?

Prod: scare as hell n-o just please let me go

Chres: why should I

Prod: cause I just want to go home

Chres: well u cant

Prod: 0_o why not

Chres: cause I love u

Prod: you what me

Chres: I always have

Prod: since when

Chres: freshman year

(A/N: their juniors)

Prod: oh wow umm I don't know what to say

Chres: say u love me back and that yall make love to me

Prod:  ummmm I don't l-o-ve

Chres:you what

Prod: I don't love you

Chres: why not

Prod: cause u hurt me everyday for no reason

Chres: it was all out of love

Prod: all out of love?  are you serious right now?? u don't hurt no one u saw called love if u love some one you are spouse to treat them right and confess your love to them not beat on them everyday for no dam reason

Chres: I know baby boy but I love u and that's why I want to make love to u right now

Prod: no chres no

Chres: plezz you know you love me kisses his neck

Prod: "moans" N-oo I don't mmm

Chres: 'smirks" was that a moan I heard

Prod: no

Chres: I think other wise

chres pulls prod into the janitors closet and pinned him on the wall and begins to kiss on prod neck and starts to unbutton his shirt chres whisper into prod's ear "U like that baby" mmm yess I do see I know u loved me chres countine's to kiss his neck he sticks his hand into his boxers and begins to play with his member prod throws his head back in pleasure chres smirks and pulls down his pants he lays prod on the floor and kisses prod lips, prod kisses back chres slips into prod and a tear falls from prods eyes

Chres: aww babe Im sorry do u want me to stop

Prod: no keep going

Chres: keeps going

Prod: moans

Chres: u like that don't you

Prod: ahhh yes go faster

Chres: goes crazy


Chres: not until u say my name

prod: uhhh Chr-es

Chres: goes harder try again

Prod: R-oc

Chres: nope

Prod: ahh hell no Im not saying that

Chres: "smirks" yes you will goes harder and hits a spot

Prod: Dadddddy

Chres: that's right baby Im daddy

Chres pulls out and gets dress so does Prod, he walks out chres grabs his arm

Chres: will u go on a date with me

Prod: Blushes yes

Chres: ok pick you at 7 tomorrow

Prod: ok here is my number

Chres; thanks u need a ride home

Prod: sure

They both walk out into the car and drove home together

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