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CHAPTER 17: Mika and Zeke

Mikaela's POV

All I wanted in my life is to be the best and whoever gets in my way will suffer. I don’t effin care kung masaktan sila as long as masaya ako sa ginagawa ko.

I’m Mikaela Valdez. 16. Describe myself? Hm. 3 words: Gorgeous, Sexy and Smart. In one word: Perfect.

Well, nakakainis na ba? I know na masyado kong mahal ang sarili ko but that’s how it is. You should love yourself first before others. If you don’t like me, then don't. I’m not forcing everyone to like me. I don’t really have friends because I don’t want to be involved with so many people. I’m famous in our school so I don’t like making friends because they’re just social climbers. I only make friends with people ONLY when I need them. I’m choosy, right?

There's this one girl that I really hate. Jin Charel Tan is the name. The reason why? Simple. She’s trying to steal everything that were supposed to be mine. One of those is my ranking in school. I’m always on the top during my elementary years but when that girl transferred in our school, I became second. Another thing is the guy that I like. He is Zeke Fraser Lopez. We’ve been friend since childhood and he’s been liking me for years but since that girl came, nagkacrush na si Zeke sa kanya.


Way back in 2nd year highschool. Last day of class.

"Mika, I really like her. She's pretty. What do you think?" -Zeke.

"Sino? Siya ba?" sabi ko sabay turo dun sa girl.

"Oo. Wag ka magturo. Baka mahalata niya"

"Jin name niya. I know her. Siya yung sinasabi ko sayo na umaagaw sa place ko."

"So matalino pala siya. Mika, help me get to know her."

"What?! Zeke. How about me? Akala ko ba love mo ako?"

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