Chapter 21: Secrets That Hold True

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The dinner was done, and now they would finally get to have some time together. Meathil's bracket could finally plan something, talk to each other. They met in her room, and pretty much took up all the space. Even though the room was indeed big, it wasn't built for 11 people to be in it. Meathil looked around at everyone, had it not been for Deigil they would all be dead. It was poisoned, it was damn poisoned, that queen really was trying to kill them. Eglanor sat away from her, it made her wonder if he was mad at her. Did she do something? Why was he being so distant? Just yesterday he was holding her hand and hugging her. Why was he all of a sudden so cold to her? Was... Were his feelings for her, fading? She didn't have time to think about it right now, she shook her head and stood up from her seated position.

"Alright, so now we most definitely know this queen is actually trying to kill us. She wasn't bluffing when she said it, she placed poison in our drinks. And the only reason we didn't die right then and there, was because of Deigil. You should all thank her for saving you life, I am grateful to you Deigil," she said and moved around as everyone thanked the girl. Deigil blushed a little from all the praise, but then sunk back down in her seat. "I'm curious, how did you know it was poisoned?" There was silence, the girl didn't look at her. But then snapped her head and answered.

"It was the smell, I could smell the poison," Deigil answered ruffling her black hair. She knew the girl had good smell, but it wasn't possible to smell such a small sent over everything else. There was something she was hiding. What was it? She didn't want to pressure the girl in front of the rest of the bracket, but they deserved to know.

"Are you sure, because I didn't smell anything-" Deigil interrupted her before she could continue.

"I could." There was silence, the whole room stayed still. The look in her eyes, something was bothering Deigil, something. But what? Was it the place? Did she not like the cold? Was she homesick? Was she disturbed by the queen? Because she was pretty sure everyone was. "I'm tired, good night." And then she left, she opened the door and left. Without being dismissed. There most definitely was something going on, she wouldn't have left without being dismissed. Even Deigil knows the rules, so why?


She had to thank her, thank her for what she did. Even if she completely despised her right now, she had to thank Eredhelil. Deigil moved swiftly through the halls, her feet pressing hard against the ground. She clenched her jaw, she didn't want to go back to that room. Didn't want to see her again. Deigil knew what Eredhelil had done, and it wasn't just waiting. She watched the doors pass by her, all of them. There were millions of rooms in this palace, so many that she frequently got lost when she was younger. Meathil was suspicious of her, she could tell. Sooner or later she would need to speak to her about it, about her and Eredhelil, about their past. But, why'd she save her? Why did Eredhelil still tell her after getting rejected? She couldn't think, her mind was too cluttered with thoughts, feelings, emotions. Finally, she came across the room. The princesses quarters. This is where... No she couldn't think about it. She would start crying if she did, start crawling back to her. She sighed and stopped in front of the door, waiting. What was she waiting for? Someone to come out of it? For her to hear dismissal from that hissing voice? She didn't know, but she raised her shaking hand, and knocked on the door.

"I'm not in the mood to talk right now Syson. Please leave, I am fine." She heard the voice, the kindness for once. She waited to reply, what was she going to say? Would the princess even let her in? Syson? Oh right, Syson the guard, she remembered him from her younger years. He really wasn't that talkative to begin with... But anyways, she needed to say something.

"Um... It's me." She heard a ruffle inside, feet running. Then she saw the door open to the girl, her eyes full of sorrow, and pain. "I wanted to say thank you, for the dinner. You saved me and my comrades lives, thank you. I know that poison is the most deadly, I've seen you drink it before. I... Thanks Eredhelil." That's all she had to say, all she meant to say. Eredhelil looked at her, and she saw tears in the princesses eyes. She never cried. So why now?

"I wanted you alive, I needed you alive. Not just for your sake or your brackets, but for mine. Good night Deigil." The princess turned away from her and started walking back into the room. Deigil was about to leave, she was walking, her feet moving against the ground. But she saw something, something red, and dark. She squinted her eyes and focused harder on the sheer dress that the girl wore, to see... Blood. Blood soaked the front of the dress, what, what happened? What has done this? Before she knew it she was following the princess into her room and gripping her arm.

"What happened? Why are you hurt? Why is there blood.. Everywhere?!" The princess didn't respond, Deigil scanned the girls body. She didn't see any wounds, but of course there was one. Then her eyes saw Eredhelil's neck, and saw deep cuts. Slices in the neck. That's the most lethal place to be cut, except for the heart. Who? What did this to her? "Ered!"

"It's okay I'm fine. I'm fine. You're alive, that's all that matters," Eredhelil answered. Your alive? No. She sacrificed herself, to keep her alive? Why? Why?!

"No your not! Who did this? These cuts are deep Ered, and you haven't taken care of them yet," she said and reached her hand up to the girls neck. The wounds were fresh and she felt the princess jolt at the touch of her hand. Deigil rushed over to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, she ran it under warm water and brought it to the girl. "Sit down." Eredhelil didn't argue, she sat down on the nicely made silver sheets. The blood was not just on the girls neck but on her torso as well. Deigil grabbed some cloth and told the Eredhelil to change into a robe. There were deep slices into her stomach too, the sight made her cringe. When she pressed the warm towel on the girls neck she flinched. "Are you okay? Did... Did your mother do this to you?"

"It's not really any of your concern, but, yes. And I'm fine, it just stings a little," Eredhelil answered, the tone in her voice weak. This was what she was like, the old Eredhelil, the one before the Sky and Sword War. Her own mother did this to her, as punishment? For the poison. The queen found out, and she punished her own child. Deigil continued to clean the wounds, after finishing cleaning the neck she wrapped a piece of cloth around it. Carefully and gently her nimble fingers went to work at wrapping the cloth around the girls neck. She moved onto the torso, the cuts were very deep here, probably caused from the queen's nails. She could feel her trembling, trembling, and she knew the princess. When the girl trembled, it meant something had happened to her that, was horrific. What had her mother done to her? The towel brushed over the wound softly, making sure not to harm her any more than she already was. "Why are you helping me?" Deigil paused, her movement stopped, her hand still clenching the blood soaked towel.

"Because you helped me, and I'm the reason these cuts are here. Just let me take care of you, for once." She didn't know why she said it, or why she was so persistent to help. But she was, and she wanted to help. She continued with cleaning the cuts and then wrapped a cloth around the girls torso. It wouldn't bleed anymore, not with pressure on it. Deigil moved to grab the girls clothes, and she saw something that she shouldn't have. Didn't want to see. When she looked at the princess again, watched the girl changing into nicer clothes, she saw burn marks. Very bad burn marks, all over her back. What the hell? When did this happen? How...why? She tossed the girls clothes aside for a maid, and walked over to the princess. Suddenly, and abruptly, Deigil embraced Eredhelil, in a warm hug. She hated her! Hated her for leaving her! Hated her for not telling her things! For lying! But, why did her heart still ache?


"Don't talk, you need to rest, and take care of those wounds. I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll bring disinfecting gel. Just, rest. Good night, and, be careful," Deigil told the princess, whom she was still hugging, their bodies intertwined. She let go of her, and quietly left the room, only saying one thing before she left. "I'll be back, to take care of you. Just like you have been for me."

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