Chapter Thirty One::Maybe One Day

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Once the storm had well and truly passed, Raina spent every waking moment that she could outside. Enjoying the air, and basking in the cool breeze that swept across the Riverlands. Even when the sun dare not show it's face, the days still seemed pleasant enough to spend outdoors, be it in the company of the Forresters, or on her own. Since the death of her sister, Raina hadn't seen her siblings very often, and hadn't really wanted to in all honesty. She was still coming to terms with it all, and to be surrounded by those who feel her grief would surely desist her recovery. She just needed time. Rodrik had helped somewhat, distracting her when he could, but he couldn't evade his duties to the King forever, and thus Raina found herself alone sometimes. Other times she would seek out the young Stark girl, spending the time training with her, or just talking. Robb hadn't been particularly available during the week that had passed, and so Raina failed to see much of him since the end of the storm, but she could not complain. He forgave her. The hatred she'd feared had been a nightmare that never came true, and so in the lack of his company, she was just grateful she could still have it occasionally.

Today, however, there was something else to occupy her thoughts. There was no Arya, or Rodrik, to talk to her, and Robb seemed otherwise engaged with familiar company; someone whom Raina later learned went by the name of Talisa. She strode alongside the King, wandering about the grounds of Riverrun, talking and laughing with him as they went, where Raina could see them perfectly. Raina found herself sat against one of the spire walls, eyes previously fixated on the river that lay nearby, but now solidly locked on the pair walking along the river's banks. She hated the woman already, yet to speak to her or make any effort to be introduced to her, Raina already felt a growing repulsion to her, one that would not subside easily. Hatred wasn't the only thing Raina had towards the Valyrian beauty, there was something more poisonous. Jealousy. Talisa seemed so at ease with the King, yet her intentions were all but crystal clear. The way she walked, and held herself, the way she looked to the King and spoke to him, all pointed to one thing; she wanted him. Raina knew too well what it looked like when someone was in love, especially someone in love with the eldest Stark, as she too had been in that spot for most of her life. But that didn't stop the boiling rage that stirred in Raina's stomach as she watched the man she loved, with the woman that shared Raina's feelings towards him. It hurt, like a toxic blade stabbing directly into Raina's chest with no antidote, to see someone so close, yet so far from her own grasp, and so close to another's. Raina couldn't tell if Robb was reacting the same way, though her mind seemed to work that out without confirmation. Of course he was, who wouldn't want a beautiful woman like Talisa, especially when she was so obviously willing? Robb would have to be blind and dumb to not want someone like her, despite his promised betrothal, Talisa would of course be an option. And that just made the wound burn more.

Raina had a habit of curling up between the outer walls and those of the towering spires scattered at intervals in the wall, finding solitude in the gap she forced herself into, hiding from prying eyes yet still with a perfect view of the river. It had been her favourite thing about Riverrun the first time she'd been here, and coming back only made her love grow, as she was able to see it once more. She'd walked along those banks too many times to count in the passing days, the stroll proving to be quite relaxing in times such as these. Robb seemed to agree too. Whenever Raina had seen him with company, he'd walk them along the river, talking as they went, oblivious to the young girl watching, yet Robb always seemed otherwise distracted anyway, his beautiful gaze falling to the rippling water, just as Raina's would. She never had any qualms with Robb copying her walk, in fact she prefered to add it to the list of things they had in common, the list still ever growing, but now she despised him for the company he'd brought with him on this occasion. He may not have meant anything by it, but to anyone watching the pair it was sending mixed messages. Catelyn, for example, would be fuming to see her son, who is promised to another, flirting with a Valyrian girl like Talisa. And Raina couldn't help but hope the King's mother was indeed close by.

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