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Oh shoot

I was late for school. Last night I was completing my chemistry project and so I slept late, around 3:00 a.m.

I changed my clothes as fast as I could and rushed out of my home. Mom probably went for a walk otherwise she would have woke me up.  Which means Lavy is still asleep. Lavy is younger than me by two years. Dad left us five years after Lavy was born, I don't know any legit reason behind their divorce but every time I ask mom she just shrugs it off by,"Things weren't working between us." and I never inquest any further.

Dad never really comes around, not even to check how we are putting up without him. Initially, it hurts, more to mom than us but with time we have grown accustomed to it. I always thought that Dad loved us. He was a scientist, a renowned scientist, but he had always been so engrossed in his research that he never had time for his family. We used to meet him in months, after all his conferences, research works and, theses when he finally got time, he used to pay a visit at home.

It was really difficult for Mom to keep up with this lifestyle. She worked at a consultancy firm, and it became hard for Mom to manage two children without a husband because Dad, practically speaking, was never home. 
Believe me or not but I saw it coming. I was only eight but I had sensed that divorce was inevitable in this case.

Dad, still used to come around and spend some play-time with us, but gradually as we grew up his appearances in the house became bleak, and it has been three years when I last met Dad, on my birthday.

We've tried to contact him a few times but he never responded back.

Growing up Lavy always used to question "Why always mom takes us to the Zoo and not dad?"  It became so intricate for us to answer her.

I went downstairs to Lavy's room to wake her up. After approximately fifteen minutes we were running four blocks down towards our school.

I could feel sweat droplets rolling down between the valley on my bust. First period and I am already stinking. Taking a few deep breaths to counter my pants I entered the classroom. I knew I was already late for my Physics class but since it was the first and hopefully the last time I was hoping Mr. Smuldres wouldn't mind. Holding the cold metal in my hand I rotated it to unlock the door and suddenly I was pushed into the classroom. Stumbling, I somehow managed not to fall and grabbed the first desk to balance myself.

I looked behind and saw a guy in grey hoodie sprinting towards the last bench.

Mr. Smulders, who initially had his back towards the class now turned around and glanced at me, my panting wasn't dead yet and my facial expressions weren't hiding the fact that I was scared.

Scared because I was probably about to get my first detention.

  I couldn't decipher Mr. Smulders' expression. He was......staring.

Just staring. So I stood there fiddling with my fingers and looking at nothing in particular.

Finally, some words escaped from his mouth, "Next time you're late Ms. Esinberg you'll be signing up yourself for detention. You can find a seat now."

Giving him a nod I sat on the first bench. No one really occupies the first bench, which is except me, obviously.

"As you all know, you have to submit a project on Application of Physics. I hope you all have chosen a topic. I'm passing a sheet; please write your topics against your name."

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