Chapter VII- Darth Bane

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"I see something, off in the distance. Just follow my voice and I can lead you there." Anakin called. Within is vision, he saw Ahsoka and Obi-Wan follow him, with their eyes covered with their arms.

Anakin led them both to the sacred temple. Not once did the Dark Side ease up. Not once did it subside. Not once did it stop mentally torturing Anakin. He knew that this temple had a much eviler energy, than the wastelands before, if it was even possible. He had to pull up strong mental shields to block out the dark side's presence, and from doing this, gave him a headache that was full of agony. It hurt as much as when he was injected with the drug, though to relief that pain, Anakin had to welcome it. However, if he welcomes this pain, the darkness would consume him. If he did he wouldn't be succumbing towards the Light Side, he would be succumbing towards the Dark Side.

The Jedi reached the stone temple. From inside it appeared much bigger than it really was. It had grand, open halls, but most of it was made out of grey and red-ish stone. It was dark, yet some light glowed off of glowing red crystals that were scattered around the place and imbedded into the walls. White mist swirled around their feet, which added to the whole 'Dark Side' vibe. The whole sacred temple was the complete opposite of the Jedi temple on Corusant. This temple aligned itself with the Dark Side of the Force, and constantly reminded Anakin Skywalker of that fact. The further they went into the temple, the more of the fight between good and evil, raged on in his head. The power of the Dark Side was feeding off of this dark energy, making the Light Side weaker.

"What is that?" Ahsoka asked interested, as she pointed out in front, oblivious towards Anakin's pain and struggles.

"It looks like a... Tomb." Obi-Wan replied, sounding a little surprised. Anakin lifted his head and saw what they were looking at. Yes, It actually did look like a tomb. Around the area was red mist and dark, dim lights. From the Force, Anakin knew that it was the most sacred part of the temple.

Ahsoka—being the fearless padawan she is— walked closer. Anakin could sense a danger warning strongly from within the Force, but he could also sense a welcoming sensation. Both Light and Dark sides of the Force were telling him different things. What was worse, was that he couldn't tell them apart. The screaming from both sides overwhelmed him and he could no longer think.

Immediately as Ahsoka got about a meter away from the tomb, a ghostly red, armoured figure appeared from within it. It startled Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, but Anakin wasn't focused on it, to notice, however when the armoured menace spoke, it caught everyone's attention.

"You have come before me Jedi." It spoke in a menacing tone, almost like a dark whisper. "Why have you disturb Darth Bane's eternal slumber."

Recognition of the name flared up in each Jedi's face. "Darth Bane? The creator of the rule of two?" Obi-Wan said stunned.

Just the word 'Darth' gave Ahsoka chills. She was not afraid of Sith, but it was definitely an opponent she never liked to face.

"You are Sith." Ahsoka spoke with a venomous tone.

Darth Bane made a deep, dark, sadistic laugh. "Of course, Jedi."

Anakin spoke for the first time since they had entered the temple. Every word made the pain intense.  "Why lead us here?" Anakin believed in destiny—like most Jedi— and he believed everything had a reason. Through the Force, he was able to locate this temple, which led him to Darth Bane. He didn't remember—or have the strength to remember— if it was the Light Side or the Dark the led him here, yet it was still the Force nonetheless. He trusted in it, and he definitely believed that escaping the sand storm, was not the only reason the Force led him to the temple.

The creator of the evilness paused, then approached Anakin in his wavering ghost-like body. "It wasn't me, but it was the will of the Force... Now I see why." It wasn't possible to see his face through the armour, yet Anakin was sure a smirk was upon is face,

"Then why?" He said firmly, trying to sound unfazed by the blinding pain of the Dark Side.

"To test you. Each and every one of you three Jedi will be both physically and mentally tested. Face your biggest fears, leap far into your self-conscious, and even meet with the events of the future." Bane paused to let the information sink in to the Jedi. They couldn't help but feel dread in the pit of their stomach. "If you succeed in these challenges, you are free to leave the planet, but I must warn you. The tests are no ordinary tests. They will frighten you, change you, and maybe even kill you." Bane evilly laughed once again. The Jedi were still putting on brave faces, not showing intimidation. "The tests will be extremely powerful. More powerful for one of you... The Chosen One."

With that, Darth Bane disappeared rapidly, back into his tomb. Anakin was left screaming aloud in agony, as his head felt like it would explode. It felt like the conflict between both sides of the Force finally engaged in full-on battle inside his head. All Anakin could do was scream, not only from the pain, but to drain away the Force. It was the first time in his life when he wished it wasn't within him.

Obi-Wan and Ahsoka raced over to their withering friend. Anakin fell to the ground, clutching his head so tightly, that Obi-Wan thought he was going to pull his hair out.

"What have you done!" Cried out Obi-Wan, facing directly towards Darth Bane's tomb.

Even though Darth Bane's physical form was gone, his voice still remained. "The tests have begun."


The tests have begun! What are the tests? What will happen in these said 'tests'? What will our heroes have to face?

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