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You stood there. Looking out at the lake as the rain hit the water, little drops caused bigger ripples. You heard your group of friends talking but you weren't listning. One by one they all left. Until you were completely alone, all you had left were your thoughts. Time past it was short and yet it felt like hours were passing. You stood up and started heading home, lifes passed by. Soul less heartless life's. Everyone was woried about something and they were calm at the same time. You walked into your house and took your shoes off. You walked to your room and started up your computer. immediately skype came up and had over 30 messages. All from the same person. You and him loved eachother. Exept both in diffrent ways, he loved you as if you were his lover, and you loved him as if he was your brother.

M-message me
M-im lonely!
M-are you asleep
M-are you out on a date
M-who is he
M-where are you please tell me
M-uhg I have to do a show ill message you later
M-im home are you back
M-sorry about that
M-please dont hate me
M-(Y/N)! Im gonna start crying
M-im cryint
M-fuck my keyboard!
M-fuck you!
M-littarally ;)
M-Im just kidding
M-(Y/N) yoy havent messaged me all day please!

You sighed reading the messages. You called him and it picked up quickly. "(Y/N) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SWEETHEART!" he yelled at the skype.

"Ive been... Out today..." you said and looked down.

"we must go out tonight! To that one club!" He said clapping.

"Im under aged..."

"Well I'll make them let you in! Anyone with me gets in!" He said and shrugged.

"Okay fine... but im not wearing a dre-"

"And I already have the perfect outfit picked out for you!" He chuckled.

You sighed and shrugged "fine..."

"Ill be over to your house in 15 minutes!"

"I thought you said tonight!" You yelped, just wanting some alone time.

"Well its not like were going out yet Im just coming over in 15 minutes..."

you growled "fine..." you hung up the skype calll

*after the 15 minutes*

He arived at your door with a red short dress that would show off your thighs. Black stockings and red platform boots that go up to your knees.

"Put these on now" he said clapping.

"But me-"

"NO BUTS PUT IT ON NOW!" He growled in your face.

You sighed and nodded. You went into the bathroom then came back out a minute later. You were blushing and felt exposed slightly in this outfit.

"Oh you look fabulous darling lets go!" He grabbed your arm and started dragging you out of the house.

He threw you in the passangers seat and he got in the other side.

"Can... we please go to that club and get this over with..."

He chuckled "okay!" He had a devious smile and started driving.

*after an hour at the club*

Mettaton had bought you both drinks and handed you yours.

He knew you were underaged but he didnt care. He smirked, a hint of evil being seen. "Go ahead drink up~" he purred out.

You rolled your eyes and drank it as if it were a shot. It tasted sweet. But there was an off flavor, almost like drugs. He saw you almost fall and picked you up, bringing you out to his car and setting you down in the pasanger seat.

"I...don't... fell so g-good..."

"Rest darling..." he rubbed your thigh and started up the car.

And thats when everything went black.

So I hope that made sence... 0-0 and yehp...

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