The few inches of injury on her arm closed, as the thread like vines knit it tight. The woman was finally pushed down, as awkward as it was to gain it back storing the excess energy in the vines had worked flawlessly. Touching the pillar its energys wavered, broke up and soaked into Unnamed's hands. It was heady after all this time to have it again.

"Welcome Unnamed, apologies for taking so long this second time."

Maxwell handed him a dagger etched with the World Tree. The top of the dagger was of a tree's branches and leafs, the handle a twisting trunk and it's roots wrapped down a long blade of dark silver. The last blade the Elven masters ever made, it always circled back to them.

"There's no rush the eclipse will be of several hours yet," said Rin.

Ignoring her he picked up the cage and almost shook it but, decided to play later. The cat creature would amuse him better if allowed to heal some.

Kar teetered over and rubbed his jaw.

"You want me to dispose of the runt?"

His words slurred, and he hiccuped. Kar took another swig from the bottle, and wiped his mouth, grinning.

"No it amuses me place it on the other slab."

He held his hands out and concentrated. Ordinary, it took no effort to change a seized body's down to its even most molecular parts. Concentrating the fingers changed, lengthened and became thicker. All this unraveled the moment he stopped.

"Still it thwarts me." He stormed over to the human male it liked.

Her. Her vice was soft but there none the less.

He pulled out the Elven blade and stabbed at his heart. Death of this male would break it.

Parcival's eyes opened and he rolled off the slab he shot off several blasts of energy at him.

They bounced off of him like so much fluff.

"There is no point in this. Die a clean death here, or a painful one later." Much like a child. These mortals need punishment.

He grabbed an energy ball tugged on then out wound it up and shot it back at Parcival.

Parcival bolted backwards and held the remaining chain in the path of the bolt, it shattered free from the marble, this was getting interesting what else could the mortal do? Perhaps he would make a good pet. He stalked after the man as it crawled backwards before rolling down the hill.

"Unnamed, there's no time to play right now, you should focus on building your energys," Maxwell said.

He breathed in a short breath, he was right. "Yes. I'll finish this and continue. Back to your duties."

He huffed. The rage. It never left, it darkened his thoughts and spiked his blood. He pulled from within and pushed it down the need, it screamed. As now did the Elven. Good wake up.

He ground his teeth, too bad It would have been most enjoyable following the mortal around until it died from fright. Wasn't always this way, a time long ago Maxwell would have been banshed, back before the dark-ones.

He stood there a wash in a flood of memories, broken and faint. The memorys fell away when Parcival pulled on the chain that banged on a rock.

His eyes widened as he moved closer.

He phased closer just out of reach, one last time. It the pure look of fear was tempting, still, it was turning pale and sometimes the things up and died when they did that.

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