Chapter Twenty-One

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Cameron's POV
Cara didn't take it to good when she saw Jacob on the hospital bed. I decided that we needed to leave because the blood drained out of her face at the sight of him. We were now driving home and it was really quiet. Ever since she saw him, she didn't say anything and just wore her headphones.
"Why don't we all go out for dinner?" Jack suggested, breaking the ice.
"That's a great idea!" I agreed with him.
"I'll pass on that. I don't feel hike going to an overly priced restaurant just because you can afford it, Jack", she said while looking back out the window.
I stopped at the house and looked back at Jack to see his face red and he was being awkward.
"Cara?! Apologize to him because that was super rude", I sternly said with anger traced in my voice. She ignored me and I tried to keep my cool while we all got out. When she started to walk to the door, I grabbed her hand and continued to talk.
"Go change because you are going and don't have a choice", I softly said while letting out a breath. She looked up at me and guilt traced me when I saw her eyes getting glassy. I guess this whole this whole thing us harder than I thought on her. She slowly pulled her hand away before running up to her room. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the light before throwing my keys on the counter. I put my elbows on the counter and covered my face with my hands. How many times do I have to screw up with her? This is way harder than I expected it to be; the whole 'raising a daughter thing'.
I heard footsteps come down the stairs and Cara's voice. "Uhm dad...who is that?"
I looked up and froze when I saw him sitting on the couch in the living room.
"Cara, go to Jack upstairs or watch TV in my room?" I said sternly while slowly walking around the counter.
She hesitantly went up the stairs calling for Jack.
"How the fuck did you get in my house and what do you want?" I asked with full anger.
"Your mom gave me keys and I wanted to see my granddaughter", he said while standing up.
"Grandpa?" I heard Cara's voice at the top of the stairs. I closed my eyes and made my lips into a straight line because she knows now. My fists started to clench until they were white and I motioned Cara to come behind me.
"You not walking back into my life so you can walk out again", I said and he nervously tried to start to speak.
"Get out", I cut him off while looking away and pointing to the door.
I felt his glare burn through me and I heard the door close.
I slowly went to sit down on the couch and put my hand through my hair a couple times.
All the memories we had together started coming back, but the one that burned through my brain was the day I figured out he wasn't gonna return for me.
"Maybe we shouldn't go out", I mumbled while walking up to my room.
I walked into my room and pulled the covers over me while the tears started to fall. A thin line of light came through my room and I turned over to see Cara walking into my room. She didn't say anything and hugged me until I couldn't cry anymore.
"I won't walk out on you, OK?" I said after a while.
She yawned before replying,"I know".
I know it's a short chapter but it's better than nothing. I'm thinking of ideas on how to end this book but should I make a sequel to it? Or maybe a trilogy? I really don't know but that's that. Bye Chickas'!

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