Chapter 8

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Once we got to the car, Luke sat with me on his lap since I refused to let go of him. Luke whispered" Em, baby girl?" I whimpered, he whispered" I need to know what happened? Mike is fuming." I peeked to see Mikey staring out the window, silent, he's never silent unless he's beyond angry. I went back into Luke's chest, listening to his heartbeat, calming me.
Luke sat up and carried me inside, our mum said" Luke, what happened?" He said" nothing, mum, it's okay." He's good at lying, ha, no he's not. He sat me on my bed, he said" what happened?" I said" it was nothing, Lukey, just my bully, that's all." He said" that's all? It was nothing?! Em, you're getting physically hurt, and mentally and emotionally! That's not nothing! Emily!" His voice wasn't calm, It was low yells, I whimpered and crawled away from him, scooting to the edge of the bed before pushing myself against the wall. Hiding my face from him, he said" no,no, Em, I'm sorry, shh, it's okay, I'm not angry at you. Em, please, Look at me." I peeked at Luke and saw he was crying, and on his knees in front of me, He said" I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I nodded whispering" it's o-okay." He smiled softly and took my hands, he pulled me up to him and hugged me. I held onto him, I don't want him to leave.
It's dinner time, I always skip dinner, Lukey and I are his room playing a dumb video game, my mum yells" Luke, Em! Dinner's ready." Luke paused the game and got up, running downstairs, I sat there, then got up slowly and walked downstairs, my mum said" come on." We all sat down, everyone had plates full of food, while I had a small pieces of whatever. Dinner was corn, mashed potatoes and grilled chicken. I had a normal sized soon full of corn and mashed potatoes, then I had a very small bite of chicken. I was full, and ready to puke. I said" I'm done." Then jumped up and ran to my room, ignoring my mum's calls and Lukey's. I ran to my room, closing the door and pushed my chair in front of it, then ran to my bathroom. I closed the door and started to gag myself, I heard my door being pushed on, then the chair falling, I quickly got up and locked the bathroom door. I sat back down and gagged, till I puked up the meal I had. I heard Lukey say" Em! Open the door." Tears brimmed my eyes and then they spilled, I cried, unlocking the door, Luke busted in, and looked at me, he said" Em?" He saw the puke and me crying, he kinda put it together, he said" Anorexic." I nodded, he said" another result of being bullied?" I mumbled" I'm so fat, so fat and worthless." He said" no, you're not, and whoever tells you that, they're lying." He sat next to me and said" you're awesome, baby girl, you're beautiful, and talented." I said" but I'm a Hemmings! I can't sing!" He said" hey, hey, it doesn't matter if you can't sing, Jack or Ben can't sing." I said" but Jack and Ben are smart, they're in college, they're becoming professional whatever's." Luke looked at me, with sad eyes, he stood up and picked me up, carrying me to my bed. He laid me down, and scooted beside me, Luke said" you're 14, you don't need to worry about college or your life after high school." I said" Luke, I'm in 9th grade, I have 3 more years of high school. I have to start thinking about life after high school!" Luke said" Okay, okay, yeah, I know." He kissed my head, he said" I want to know everything." I shook my head, I mumbled" you'll hate me." He looked at me saying" no I won't." I looked at him before I got up and sat next to him, he sat up too, I pulled my sleeves up, and turned my arms over, showing him the cuts I made on my arms, surrounded by the bruises, hidden by the bruises. Luke's breathing stopped for a second then came back, I whispered" Lukey?" He said" baby girl, it's okay, I'm not mad or disappointed. But why didn't you come to me?" I said" I didn't know what to do?! I was scared, they said if I told anyone, they'd ruin you and the boys. I couldn't let anything happen to you." Lukey wrapped his arms around me and held tightly.

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