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Holy Jesus I finally update!! Sorry for the delay I had other things to do but I'm finally gonna watch Gotham!! Im so excited but also angry cause where im living they do take a while to broadcast the show.Well then here's the second chapter and I hope you all like it,i'll be posting every Tuesday if im not busy and please listen to the song above.Please remember to vote and comment too ^_^

The smell of coffee and eggs filled my nose once I reached the bottom stairs to the Wayne manor an entered the kitchen. 

"Morning Alfred!" 

Seemed like I surprised him cause the frying pan almost fell out of his hands and he tool a deep breathe.

 "Mistress,Raven you scared me. Breakfast will be done in a minite I suggest you go along and make master Bruce some company." 

"No can do Alfred. I gotta fo find a job somewhere cause I can't stay here doing anything.Besides I promised Bruce I would take him outside for a bit when I come back." I grabbed my black coat and drank coffee.

"As you wish,just make sure to come home safely.Gotham isn't a safe place after all."

I ran out of the house and felt a drop of rain fall down to my nose making me sneeze.I don't remember Gotham being this gloomy and rainy all day,sure this place is filled with whores and thieves but I can't seem to remember the weather.Oh well. I began to walk around the familiar neighborhood when a police car stopped next to me.

"You do know its not safe walking alone."

I turn to see Jim smiling at me with his partner in crime Harvey Dent with a bottle of beer in hand looking like he was about to sleep any second.I returned James the smile and spoke. "Aren't you guys supposed to be working?" 

"We are we'are just looking for some clues that'll lead us to the murder.Where are you heading anyway?" 

"Don't know im just trying to look for a job that's all."

"Well honey I might know a good place for you to work and you can win a ton of money that is if your on her good side. We are infact heading over there." I thought about it for a second,but why not just go with them?! I gave them another smile and Jim opened the door for me and sat in the passengee seat with Harvey driving. We walked inside the place and it is really elegant.

"Tell Fish I'm here." 

Harvey said to the bartender and He quickly left to find her.By the way what kind of name is that? Fish Mooney sounds kinda lame. Without these guys noticing I walked outside the place and sneaked behind and saw a few guys beating up a man,he was laying on the floor bleeding. "Boy! If you let this hair go frizzy,you will die!"

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