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Still waiting for the boys to post the video I'm so impatient lmao.

"brown skinned, but your blue eyes tell me your mama can't run."

MOM BOUGHT ME A new mirror today but told me to never punch it again, no matter how mad or sad I was and that I could always go to her if I had any problems.

Today was the day I also decided I was going to confront Devin. So here I am outside his door waiting for someone to answer. It took about ten minutes for someone to open the door, Lexi stood there and smiled at me.

"Hey ariella, what's up?"

"Hey is Devin here?" I asked

"Yeah he's up in his room, you can go right up. Just go to the last door on the right and you'll be there. I was about to head out so it'll just be you two, don't do anything I wouldn't " She winked at me and left, closing the door. I walked up stairs following her instructions.

I stood infront of the door and tooks a deep breathe before knocking on his door three times.

"Come in!" Devin shouted.

I twisted the knob and went inside only to get a shocked expression from Devin. He was siting on his bed shirtless with his laptop on his lap, I closed the door behind me.

"We need to talk." I said sternly.

"Right now is not a g-"

"Honestly, does it look like a give a fuck if it's a good time or not? We're going to talk and we're going to talk right now. No wait I'm going to talk and you're going to listen," I say walking closer to him.

"What did I ever do to you? You just got up and left me, if you didn't want to be friends you could of just told me, had me going around looking like a fool. You left me for that, for that hoe. I was here for you from day one and you do that? You're a piece of shit Devin!" I yelled. He rose up from the bed angrily and stood in front of me, glaring down.

"You don't know anything about her ariella. Why are you so worried about her and me it's none of your business." He shouted back.

"I don't know anything about her? YOU don't know anything about her. She goes around messing with every boy she sees and you're her victim," I got closer to the point where our chest were almost touching.

"Don't you get it Devin? I like you I really like you but I guess I'm not light enough for you or pretty enough and I don't have a huge ass and big boobs."

The anger faded off his face but was replaced with guilt.

"I'm tired of being people's second choice, if you didn't like me why did you kiss me multiple times?"

"You like me?" He whispered, I nodded my head calming down.

"I do like you ariella and there's nothing wrong with your skin color, you're just the right color damn ariella you're perfect to me." Devin said.

"If you like me then why are you dating Aniya? Why did you ignore me?"

"I didn't know how to tell you and I'm not dating Aniya were just I don't know."

"You sound pathe-"

Devin leaned down and shut me up with a kiss. His big soft lips pressed against mine, I went up on my tippy toes and wrapped my arms around his neck while his arms snaked around my waist.

He tapped my butt lightly telling me to jump up and I did, wrapping my legs around his waist. I pulled away from the kiss and hid my face in the crook of his neck. I could feel his mouth near my ear.

"You're beautiful babygirl."

It's not that good in my opinion but I gotta update 😭

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