Chapter 1: Return

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It was raining as a sixteen year old 6'2" Naruto made his way to the Fairy Tail cemetery. A fitting thing, the rain storm. It was as if the very world was sobbing, as if it knew what he felt. He was dressed in a black suit and shoes. On his shoulder, Kurama Yoko, a small nine tailed fox. He too felt what his partner felt, just not as deep.

They arrived at the cemetery, seeing everyone there. Giving nods to their friends, they made their way to the front of the small crowd. He saw his grandfather standing there, trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill from his eyes. He looked at everyone else, seeing them in a similar state.

His eyes landed on a sobbing Mirajane, no one holding her, he looked at kurama who nodded. He went to the distressed girl and stood next to her. No one talked as she sobbed. After a few minutes, she regained control of her self and said, in a quiet raspy voice that he almost didn't hear. "It's all your fault."

Naruto said nothing as he stood there, looking at the tombstone of Lisanna Strauss. The little girl who used to cook him ramen everyday. But Mira continued, louder this time. "It's all your fault.".

He was about to say something, but she cut him off.

"If it wasn't for you and your stupid magic, then that demon would have never came for us and Elfman wouldn't have had to do a takeover. Now, he has to deal with the death of his sister that you were to weak to protect. YOU are her murderer Naruto Dreyar. YOU", she screamed as she slapped him hard across the face.

Smiling sadly fighting back the pain he now felt in both his chest and face, he took off his coat and wrapped it around her.

"I know.", was all he said as he disappeared in a vortex of flames, along with Kurama.

(Flashback over/Fairy Tail Basement)

As everyone gathered in the basement, two figures could be heard talking.

"You okay Lucy?", Natsu asked, seeing her with her head down and crying, causing her to shake her head.

"It's my entire fault.", she wailed out and bolted into Natsu's chest and sobbed, catching him a little off guard, before he wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey, none of this is your fault.", he said while trying to comfort her. "This was all Jose and Phantom Lord's doing. Those bastards have been looking for any good reason to attack us and cause us misery."

"But Levy and the others still got hurt and it's because of my dad that this happened.", she said, continuing to sob, but was slightly surprised when she felt another pair of arms wrap around her, bringing her into another hug.

She looked and saw Mira had come from behind her and wrapped her in a hug while giving her a warm smile. "No one blames you Lucy. They attacked us and tried to take you away from us. You're part of our family now and we look after each other. We promise you that we won't let your father take you away from us.", she said, causing Lucy to start a whole new round of sobs as Natsu and Mira hugged the weeping girl.

Looking at the sight, many of the Fairy Tail mages smiled. It was depressing to hear that her father was willing to do this just to get her back. After five minutes of crying and being comforted by the two older mages, Lucy eventually let her tears fade and Natsu and Mira left her to clean herself up, since she had mascara marks going down her face from the crying.

"What matters to us is that you're part of the Fairy Tail family."

Everyone voiced their agreement at that, especially Natsu and Happy.

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