The Meeting

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Kagura's POV
      Millianna and I had been shopping earlier in the day, however when she ran out of money she left to go on a mission on her own.  I was on my way home when I felt a tug at my foot.
      I looked down and saw the most cutest little exceed in the world!  He (if Frosch is a girl then my apologies) had a cute little frog costume on and looked slightly familiar.  I knelt down and asked, "Hey little one are you lost?"
      He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and just simply nodded.
      I then asked, "Do you want me to take you home little one?"
      "Fro thinks so too," he said as he nodded.
       Fro? Oh right!  This must be Frosch from Sabertooth!
       "Okay then let us get going then Frosch," I responded.
       "Fro is tired," Frosch stated.
       "Okay then I can just carry you Frosch!"
       "Fro thinks so too."
        So I picked up the little exceed and start walking to Sabertooth.  After a little bit of walking he cuddles my bosom.  Normally I would blush like crazy; but Frosch doesn't know any better, therefore it doesn't really matter.

~Time Skip~
      I had just reached the front doors of Sabertooth and was about to knock when someone came out, ran into me, and fell on Frosch and myself.
       It was one of the famous Twin Dragon Slayers, Rogue Cheney.

Rogue's POV
        I had just finished searching the entire guild for Frosch and didn't find him.  I was starting to get worried that he had gone out into town and got lost.
       I was planning on going out into town to look for him, until I ran into a girl outside the guild doors.
       It took me a bit to remember her, but I did, rather quickly.  I had just run into Kagura Mikazuchi.

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